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Trotter given permission to seek trade

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Old 03-26-2004, 10:46 PM   #16
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I am perfectly comfortable with Mitchell lining up as the mike linebacker. The reason he hasn't been starting all along is because of Trotter's name and salary.
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Old 03-27-2004, 04:18 AM   #17
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Hopefully we get a half decent pick for Trotter, then we can shore up any remaining weak spots (assuming we keep the #5 and go for Taylor). I think they'll look to pick up a backup for Mitchell in FA and let Mitchell know, barring bad performance/injury, that he is the starter early so he can feel confident playing there.
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Old 03-27-2004, 04:24 AM   #18
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Trotter had some tackles, but he has been caught out of position so many times. Other teams knew that they could slip a HB or FB out of the backfield for a big gain, because trotter (and arrington) fell for it every time.
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Old 03-27-2004, 06:38 AM   #19
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Originally Posted by azskinsfan2
Sounded like Gibbs is looking to use someone already on the team as a replacement. Trotter really didn't do that bad. He was leading the team in tackles in 2002 before getting injured and coming back from the injury last season he did lead the team in tackles!!!
Trotter's numbers are a reflection of his position. MLB's usually lead a team in tackles, They are, by definition, in the middle of the field where most of the plays go. Trotter has never looked like the player he was during his contract year in Philly, and though I think he's given us best effort, I don't know that he's that hungry player anymore.
There's nowhere to go but up. Or down. I guess we could stay where we are, too.
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Old 03-27-2004, 12:56 PM   #20
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Since they've been looking at a number of LBs already, I wouldn't be surprised if they pick up someone new. They made a few offers, so I figure they are not fully satisfied with what they've got. Maybe they'll get the guy from the Bears.

Trotter was a disapointment, but he was good in philly. Schemes and coaches matter a lot to how a player does. I think Williams is going to make our boys look good!
Hail from Houston!
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Old 03-27-2004, 01:45 PM   #21
Thank You, Sean.
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What do you think we could get for J.Trotter? I really would like himn to stick around for another season, but if not oh well. Mitchell is still a pretty soild player. Wherever Trotter goes, I wouldnt be at all suprised if he did very well there.
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Old 03-27-2004, 02:51 PM   #22
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The bet here is that no one will bite and he'll be a post-June 1 cut. If we do manage to trade him, we might get a fifth rounder or something ... nothing special. I was hoping he'd be back for one more season at least but it looks like this is a done deal.
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