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It's DALLASS WEEK 2013 (Part 1)!!!

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Old 10-08-2013, 03:20 PM   #61
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Re: It's DALLASS WEEK 2013 (Part 1)!!!

Originally Posted by NC_Skins View Post
Exactly.. Way too soon to talk about playoffs. There are 8 teams in the NFC with 2 or 3 wins. Let's worry about Sunday and then next Sunday before we start even thinking about post season. No playoff talk until after Halloween.
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Re: It's DALLASS WEEK 2013 (Part 1)!!!

murder death kill

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Originally Posted by Ruhskins View Post
Last year, the team looked like crap at 3-6, especially that game against the Steelers...it was probably one of the lowest points of the season IMO.
Good point. I agreed with the original post when i first read it. Now that i think about it my daughter was in the ER that day and Hurricane Sandy was on its way into town. Other than those two things the play of the Washington Redskins was about the worse thing going on in my life at that time.
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Re: It's DALLASS WEEK 2013 (Part 1)!!!

Originally Posted by Paintrain View Post
Ordinarily I wouldn't post ESPN garbage like this but since it's Dallas week, let's just add one more hate log to the fire.. Eric Allen says he'd rather have Tony Romo for the next 7 YEARS over RG3. Enjoy and vomit accordingly.

Dallas Hot Button: Tony Romo or RGIII? - ESPN Video - ESPN

Here is what the Cowboys should do. Play Romo until about 5-6 mins left in the game, then bench him before he screws up......= Awesome Cowboy season.
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Re: It's DALLASS WEEK 2013 (Part 1)!!!

Originally Posted by DynamiteRave View Post
If you live in the DMV, time to head out to the bar. Free shot if you have on Skins gear and for every INT Romo throws!

D.C. Bar Offers Redskins Fans Free Shots for Every Tony Romo INT in Week 6 | Bleacher Report
That's awesome. Let DHall help you to get drunk.
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Re: It's DALLASS WEEK 2013 (Part 1)!!!

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
I agree. We were awful in the Steelers game. I would add the Panthers game, too, as a sad showing. People are remembering 2012's 3-6 too fondly IMO.

Further, if we have a bye turnaround this year, it will be after 4 games, not 9.

My optimism continues.
I dont agree.We were in every game at the end except the Pitt game and we were never blown out.Carolina and Pitt were the last 2 games before the bye and those were our 2 worst losses,15 and 8 points.The team looked a lot better in their 3-6 run then they have at any time this year

Plus the off was averaging almost 29 points a game till the last 2 before the bye when we scored 12 and 13 points,so maybe your just remembering the last 2 before the bye and not the other ones that we looked really good in

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Re: It's DALLASS WEEK 2013 (Part 1)!!!

Some facts, We get guys off of suspension this week and I bet we got healthy over the bye. RGIII had sometime to get some real reps in and everything They should click alot better.

On the Defense I think Rambo and the secondary needed that confidence booster in Oakland Expect them to play better too. We aren't going to lay down for the Cowboys they blew their load against denver I think
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Re: It's DALLASS WEEK 2013 (Part 1)!!!

^^^ I think that's the biggest question I have- how has Robert used the bye week to rest and prepare?
It seems beyond past the point to make sense of weeks 1-3. It's just shellshocking. What does this team need to do to kick start the offense? It's promising that Kyle can change, rob get healthier, but this team needs to man the f up.

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Re: It's DALLASS WEEK 2013 (Part 1)!!!

Does the team find its soul this week? That's my bottom line.

One of best buds made a comment the other day about it. He's from NO and a huge saints fan. We watch almost every saints and skins game together, and apart from the fact the saints are much better prepared, better disciplined and much better coached on both sides of the ball, maybe the biggest difference is one team plays with a single purpose and the other is all over the place.

Anyway he went on to say maybe shanny gate has lost the team. I didn't really think about it but then he said if Sean Peyton had left a severely injured Brees on the field and Brees suffered that kind of injury it would eff up the whole team unless Peyton and Brees showed unity going forward. I think that opportunity is probably already past here, but somehow this team has to come together. It's playing well below its talent level.

Still no way to predict a win or loss this weekend.
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Re: It's DALLASS WEEK 2013 (Part 1)!!!

DeAngelo Hall ready to ‘rise to the occasion’ vs. Dez Bryant

"if you're good at something, never do it for free"- The Joker

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Re: It's DALLASS WEEK 2013 (Part 1)!!!

Originally Posted by JoeRedskin View Post
Count me the skeptic at this point. Until I see the magic, I don't believe it will happen. We contained (barely) a bad offense that was missing it's number one QB and RB.
You're a skeptic.

Dallas has the 10th-ranked offense in the NFL even after last week's shoot-out with Denver.

We're ranked #8.

Both of our defenses are at the bottom of the league BUT we're getting reinforcements with a fresh Jarvis Jenkins and Rob Jackson. HUGE boosts to our D.

We can definitely win in a shoot-out, but we dominated them once last year and have shown we can.

This is the week RGIII is officially "back".

We win 38-31.
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Re: It's DALLASS WEEK 2013 (Part 1)!!!

it's odd to say this against the cowboys, but this game is exactly what the team needs right now. A rivalry game that brings back flashes of last year, a team that the Skins know they can beat, but a team that showed a presence last week against Denver, so they are less likely to overlook them. A team who we should get some running game against, and who is prone to make fool hardy moves, that will counter balance our foolish penalties.

If there were ever a game that offers the Skins every opportunity to right the ship, this is it, on many different levels. Of course, the Skins have to go out and do it.

That's the scary part.
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Re: It's DALLASS WEEK 2013 (Part 1)!!!

Originally Posted by skinsfaninok View Post
I think Hall is the man for the job this week. He seems to play his best ball against Bryant. Bryant is going to get his, but Hall will make some plays too.
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Re: It's DALLASS WEEK 2013 (Part 1)!!!

I feel like the teams mindset right now is more along the lines of "I know the guy next to me is going to help us win" more than its "I need to start making plays to help the team win"
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Re: It's DALLASS WEEK 2013 (Part 1)!!!

for as terrible as hall is. he was pretty amazing against dez last year. i wish he always played that well.
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