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Rebuilding the Redskins

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Rebuilding the Redskins

Originally Posted by RFKRat View Post
That's assuming that any decent free agents want to come play for this dysfunctional mess. With either a new coach/regime, etc or the old regime simply playing out the string with obvious drama between the coach and owner.

And if there is a new coach, who is really going to step in here with the obvious issues that are going on with the owner?

Just having cap money doesn't mean things will be fixed quickly. There will be a lot of other teams out there with money to spend that are in a better position talent-wise and they aren't the dysfunctional laughingstock this franchise has become.
Doesn't mean they won't either. They'll find players to take the money. Maybe they miss out in the big splashy free agents, but that hasn't worked out in the past anyway. And the players they draft don't really have a choice. It doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. RG3 regaining his form is worth 8-8 with zero changes to the current roster.
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Re: Rebuilding the Redskins

Originally Posted by SouperMeister View Post
I've always felt that the switch to a 3-4 was Shanny's first and biggest mistake, and I agree that the personnel in place are the makings of a decent 4-3, with additional help at safety required.
#1- I think DS was wanting a 3-4 also and if he didn't he could easily have said don't do it or just not hired MS for the HC job since MS was talking about changing to a 3-4 also.

#2- 3-4, 4-3, I honestly don't care cause to me it seems the DL sucks. In our 3-4 we have 3 DL rushing and 1 or 2 LB's and they still can't get to the QB. You keep the same guys you have the same guys rushing but their job titles are different.

3-4: LB, DE, DL, DE, LB
4-3: DE, DL, LB, DL, DE,
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Re: Rebuilding the Redskins

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
Looking at our team now, we need fundementally strong players with versitility. We need LBs and Safeties who can tackle. We need WRs that can catch. We need to get the basics down first, before we scheme. But I agree with what your saying and Im sure the new regime will looking who fits their mold, but lets get guys who have their primary skills down pat.
WR's that can catch, safeties that can tackle. Run the ball and stop the run.
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Re: Rebuilding the Redskins

Originally Posted by Gary84Clark View Post
WR's that can catch, safeties that can tackle. Run the ball and stop the run.
Expectations are high in this one......

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