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portis is the man

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Old 03-27-2004, 09:30 AM   #16
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For example, which of the 2 following paragraphs is easier to read?:
I personally prefer sentences written like this:

Jklasjd jdkakksd ajdfjdkfjd wowoiwe! You feel me? Kkffoowow eieie rurur ueue and so it went. Then I was like ururuejfjfj gshsh wuwuwoo lets do it! Elementary my dear Watson, Elementary!

I also like lots of exclamation marks! The more the better!!!
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Originally Posted by joecrisp
I agree we should all cut the new guy a little slack. It took a little time for lots of our members to get their posts up to "Warpath standards".

I certainly commend jasonskin for his enthusiasm and passion, and I think many of us here agree with his take on things.

As far as the composition of posts go (this is good advice for all of us), it's important for everyone to take a little extra time to review your post before you submit it. I know we're all anxious to get our thoughts out there for everyone to see and respond to, but hurrying through a post simply for the sake of getting your thoughts out there can be counter-productive. It often results in posts that are unreadable or unintelligible.

It's much better to take a few moments to review your post for grammar, spelling and punctuation before submitting it, so that when others read it, they will not have to translate it. A well-composed post will be well-read and well-received, and will be more conducive to discussion-- which is why we're all here in the first place!
Agreed, cut jason some slack. He cares about the Skins and is eager to share his opinions with fellow fans.

A couple of points of advice I'd have for Jason and any other new posters to the warpath

1. As Joe said, take your time to compose a well-read post. This isn't a race or competition.

2. Threads touting the arrival of Portis have been in abundance on the warpath. So take the time to read through the threads so that we don't have too many duplicate posts. Before I posted for the very first time, I spent some time just reading threads from the past week or so. This helps get a feel for the site, people's opinions and the topics being discussed.
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Old 03-27-2004, 11:44 AM   #18
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i am sorry guys i was just happy to be part of what you all got going here.

I will try to do my posts better to think you all for the info
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