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Snyder Interview

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Old 03-31-2005, 01:06 PM   #46
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Re: Snyder Interview

Originally Posted by sportscurmudgeon
They know that they are #2 in this market and that in the long run Danny Boy can't make nearly as much money without the Post on his side, so the Times will be "gentle" with the interview and "upbeat" with the story. That is good public relations positioning by Danny Boy; he had that one figured out perfectly.

For the most part I agree with these comments. But, I think the Times asked some "uncomfortable" questions and didn't throw slow balls for Danny to knock out of the park. Certainly it gave Danny a medium to address his critics, but it pointed out a lot of "bad things" about Danny's rule. Danny even admitted in the story that he did a lot of bad things early on in his ownership. I'm not sure how an interviewer could've been much more aggressive or "truth-seeking."

Originally Posted by sportscurmudgeon
And that is precisely why each and every detail of the Wash Times story ought not to be considered as gospel truth - without some independent verification. Just as Danny Boy knew the interview would be "gentle", he also knew the kind of image of himself he wanted to project and he probably had a few "messages" he wanted to "get out there". So, some of the stuff in there is no more "objective" and "reality-based" than the stuff on redskins.com. In fact, a part of the interview is stuff that might have appeared on redskins.com had there not been this Times interview.
Again, I don't think anyone takes the Times as the gospel of truth. We've made a few jokes about the Times (albeit not in this thread) is the past about its inaccurate reporting. Nor do I think that people reading the article took Danny's word at face value - as you yourself noted. But, the article was interesting nonetheless.

Originally Posted by sportscurmudgeon
Woodward and Bernstein were back in the 70s; Sy Hersh is and has been for the last 30 years.
I'm not so sure Sy Hersh or the New Yorker ranks up there with Woodward and Bernstein. This is the guy who said we will invade Iran within a few months. But that's neither here nor there.

Originally Posted by sportscurmudgeon
If I look at the "negative stories" that have come out locally about the Redskins in the Post over the past couple of years, I'm not sure I would call them "muckraking". .
You're right. But, I was talking in general terms about journalism and the growing distaste for pure pessimism.
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Re: Snyder Interview

Originally Posted by Daseal
I think the fact that we've had some success with a GM so people feel a GM will bring back success. I'm part of that crowd to an extent. Vinny is mainly a scout, and I don't like coaches with the say in player personel. I think they should have an opinion, but not everything.

One of the few things I agree with you Daseal is the fact of needing a good GM.
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Old 03-31-2005, 08:28 PM   #48
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Re: Snyder Interview

It is all about controversie-as far as starting QB goes,when the reg. season starts we will all know- a billionare before 40,Dans' the man- he has his learning process also- he is gonna have his input no matter what-Skins are gonna have a damn good yr. 2005!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 04-01-2005, 12:04 PM   #49
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Re: Snyder Interview

I say keep the current front office arrangement for a more few years.

We all seem to agree the importance of having some continuity. Gibbs likes the current setup, the personnel moves of last year panned out pretty well both in free agency and the draft, so let's give it a couple more seasons to fairly judge the job they've done.
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