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Paintrain's all encompassing 'discuss all things offseason' thread (Version 2.0)

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Old 06-10-2014, 06:43 PM   #871
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Re: Paintrain's all encompassing 'discuss all things offseason' thread (Version 2.0)

Originally Posted by NC_Skins View Post
Bunch of assholes.
Im offended by this comment because I myself have an asshole.
Lafayette, we're here.

HTTR. You wern't a bunch of losers on 10-27-14.
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Re: Paintrain's all encompassing 'discuss all things offseason' thread (Version 2.0)

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Actually respect is not just a matter of opinion.

Several posts here have called for respect for and honoring of Indians. Yet you have argued against these posts because of, in your own words, your opinion.

Therefore you have freely chosen to honor your own opinion instead of showing respect to Indians. While others may still make this claim, it is BS for you to claim that the name "Redskins" honors Indians, because you actually have refused to do so. As such, you are the poster child for the "Redskins name leads to disrespect for Indians" argument.

Congratulations, you have proven right the change-the-name contingent, right before our eyes.
If you can show me where I directly argued against honoring Native Americans, I'll give you a doughnut.

And when did I refuse to say the name "Redskins" honors Native Americans? I actually did say just that, twice. See posts above.

Also, in reply to your first sentence, I was saying that whatever side of the debate over whether or not the name "Redskins" honored Native Americans you're on is an opinion. While it's technically not, it sort of is, because while there is plenty of evidence that the name does not offend currently and was meant as an honor when it first came into use as this teams name, plenty of people, like you, refuse to see that and claim it's offensive, again, in spite of all evidence to the contrary.
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Keep the name
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Re: Paintrain's all encompassing 'discuss all things offseason' thread (Version 2.0)

Originally Posted by KI Skins Fan View Post
I don't need any evidence (empirical or imperial) to support my belief because YOU'RE the one who stated that most Native Americans are not offended by the name Redskins. I simply challenged your statement. Perhaps you should prove the contention you made.

If Dan Snyder is so sure that the name is not offensive to most Native Americans then perhaps he should hire a reputable polling company to find out the truth. But no, he hired a lobbyist instead.
There are several respected polls out there, albeit not recent that clearly support the statement that a vast majority (over 70%) of native americans are either supportive of, or at least not offended by, the name. Further, a respected native american was distinctly involved in designing the logo, and several schools on native american soil continue to use the name Redskins as there school logos. Here is a link to the 2004 Annenberg poll which puts the percentage offended around 10%, less then half of the 24% mentioned earlier. Again, I am not saying that if a study done today came out and the number jumped way up, that the team shouldn't consider changing. But right now, there is no firm evidence that this is the case. Even when they held protests, you didn't see massive turnouts, in fact the Minnesota one was by all accounts very poorly attended.

He hired a lobbyist PR firm because he and the team are subject to a smear campaign, not by people bringing facts and reasoned argument, but simply playing to a base political motive.
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Re: Paintrain's all encompassing 'discuss all things offseason' thread (Version 2.0)

.....is this the same one ?

....DISCLAIMER: All of my posts/threads are my expressed typed opinion and the reader is not to assume these comments are absolute fact, law, or truth unless otherwise stated in said post/thread.
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