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Offseason after thoughts... the potential wisdom of the Redskins offseason

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Offseason after thoughts... the potential wisdom of the Redskins offseason

Originally Posted by djnemo65
The only problem I have with the whole in Gibbs we trust movement is that we trusted him on Brunell and it turned out we were right, not him. Now when I consider the arguments on espn suggesting that Campbell was at best a second round pick, and further consider what we gave up to give him, I have trouble sharing in this optimism. I know you guys only like posts that are overtly positive, but that's how I feel.
We may have been right about Brunell, but how many people were like "Here we go again." with the signings of Griffin and Springs? Brunell turned out to be a complete bust. Lesson learned. Now, (barring the complete SHUNNING of the Redskins from Pro Bowl votes) Griffin AND Springs should have been laughing all the way to starting for the NFC in the Pro Bowl. Gibbs is fallable, but he made some EXCELLENT pick-ups in Griffin and Springs.
Regret nothing. At one time it was exactly what you wanted.
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Re: Offseason after thoughts... the potential wisdom of the Redskins offseason

Last year a lot of other teams wouldve killed to have the recievers we had on the roster, before they saw what they produced over the season. Look at the pats, can you even tell me who their #1 guy is... (patten, givens, brown). Not one of those guys has the athletic ability that coles has, but all of them got more tds last year. Hell brown got more defensive points than coles did on offense. We had the recieving corps to put up big numbers last year.

Ramsey is just taking a long time to develop. His relief games he turns the ball over like he was wearing a blindfold. Later in the season he worked on his turnovers and improved immensely, but at a cost of missing reads downfield. How many highlights did we have to sit through where we had to get like 15yds for a first, and we had recievers in route, and no pressure, but he makes the sure completion five yards up the field in a swarm of defenders where we have no shot of making the first. Thats where we lost a lot of production, and why his efficiency rating went down. However, he showed some real spark in some games and that cant be overlooked.

The second game against the giants (the same team that picked him off 3 times in one half) he looked like a machine driving down the field. Even against the Cowboys he was beating the hell out of them with the short passes. I believe Ramsey will step up and lead this team, but god forbid he gets hurt, at least we have a glimmer of hope in a talented backup.
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