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The 2000 Draft

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 04-25-2005, 11:45 PM   #1
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The 2000 Draft

Screw analyzing and over analyzing this year's draft, these guys haven't even hit the field yet. I'm getting tired of all the armchair GMs that think they could have done a better job in the draft and Gibbs is somehow clueless when it comes to putting together a team.

We should be looking at the last 3-5 years worth of drafts, those are the draft classes that can be properly analyzed, at least we have seen these guys play and have something solid to base our opinions on.

Let's start with the 2000 draft class

LB LaVar Arrington (1st round, 2nd overall)
LT Chris Samuels (1st round, 3rd overall)
CB Lloyd Harrison (3rd round, 64th overall)
G Michael "Mookie" Moore (4th round, 129th overall)
DB Quincy Sanders (5th round, 155th overall)
QB Todd Husak (6th round, 202 overall)
DT Delbert Cowsette (7th round, 216th overall)
WR Ethan Howell (7th round, 250th overall)

Two Pro Bowl, franchise type players out of this draft. Harrison, Husak and Cowsette stuck around for a bit, but obviously didn't develop into much. Moore knocked old man Bruce Smith silly in camp, at least he's known for something.
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Old 04-26-2005, 12:14 AM   #2
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Re: The 2000 Draft

The 2000 draft was pretty good, Lavar is a stud when healthy and Samuels is a great offensive lineman. I beleive this years draft was an average one, sort of like year 2000, I see 2 pro bowlers in this draft, Carlos Rogers and Jason Campbell, many people thought Campbell was a bad pick, but I really dont see Ramsey being the guy for us. I have watched Campbell play against really good talent and he has shined! Trust me Jason Campbell is the future in Washington, and if we start out 3-5 or so, Campbell will be the man next season.
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Old 04-26-2005, 12:34 AM   #3
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Re: The 2000 Draft

Hmmm, you are making a good point about looking at the past drafts.

the only problem is that each year teams draft players that the coaching staff thinks fits their systems, the redskins have drafted for several systems in the last 5 years. so thats were we run into problems talent wise, we dont have players that fit our system.

but regardless lets look at a few years.

1999 turner draft
1. Champ Bailey, CB, Georgia **great pick- too bad things didnt work out
2. Jon Jansen, T, Michigan **great pick
4. Nate Stimson, LB, Georgia Tech **who?
5. Derek Smith, OL, Virginia Tech *pretty solid pick considering the round, we got alot of playing time out of him.
6. Jeff Hall, K, Tennessee
7. Tim Alexander, WR, Oregon St.

2001 schottenheimer draft
1. Rod Gardner, WR, Clemson **decent rookie year, good second year. probably a good pick if schottenheimer would've stayed.
2. Fred Smoot, CB, Mississippi St. ** great pick too bad he wasnt a career redskin
4. Sage Rosenfels, QB, Iowa St. ** stil in the league somewhere
5. Darnerien McCants, WR, Delaware St. ** at one point looked like a very good player
6. Mario Monds, DT, Cincinnati **not much out of him.

2002 spurrier draft
1. Patrick Ramsey, QB, Tulane ** IMHO a good pick.
2. Ladell Betts, RB, Iowa ** a good pick, could start for several teams.
3. Rashad Bauman, CB, Oregon **decent corner with another team
3. Cliff Russell, WR, Utah *bust do to injuries
5. Andre Lott, S, Tennessee **great value from the 5th round
5. Robert Royal, TE, LSU **good value anytime a 5th rounder is a starter.
6. Reggie Coleman, T, Tennessee **nothing from him
7. Jeff Grau, LS, UCLA **nothing
7. Greg Scott, DE, Hampton **nothing.
7. Rock Cartwright, FB, Kansas St. **great value. started several games and plays his heart out.

schotty went for the big WR's gardner and mccants dumping the smaller faster guys like albert connell.

then spurrier goes for the small faster guys like jacobs, has trouble using gardner and mccants properly.

now a new system with new WRs.

the yearly coaching change has affected the draft continuity.
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Old 04-26-2005, 01:06 AM   #4
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Re: The 2000 Draft

I felt bad for Cowsette. He's my brother in law's cousin, and I think he's a hell of alot better than Jermaine Hailey. I don't know if Campbell is going to be the other possible probowler in this yrs draft, i think Robert McCune has the better chance to turn all pro.
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Old 04-26-2005, 08:25 AM   #5
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Re: The 2000 Draft

Originally Posted by canthetuna
I felt bad for Cowsette. He's my brother in law's cousin, and I think he's a hell of alot better than Jermaine Hailey. I don't know if Campbell is going to be the other possible probowler in this yrs draft, i think Robert McCune has the better chance to turn all pro.
McCune looks like he could be a really good Redskin..... He looks like he lives in the weight room. I noticed him at Louisville should turn out to be a good pick.
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Old 04-26-2005, 08:32 AM   #6
I like big (_|_)s.
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Re: The 2000 Draft

Yeah, I've been reading a LOT of good things about McCune. I love the amount of depth we have at linebacker. And if Marshall can't play inside, hopefully McCune can step in with his bulk.
Regret nothing. At one time it was exactly what you wanted.
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Old 04-26-2005, 09:40 AM   #7
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Re: The 2000 Draft

The one guy I thought had a chance to be a real good nickel corner was Lloyd Harrison. He was a burner, and in his first two preseasons in Washington caught interceptions and returned both for TDs. Then Marty came and didn't like the kid -- and replaced him with that compelete loss Donovan Greer.

Harrison's probably out of the NFL, so I don't know how much of a proven commodity he actually turned out to be, but with the right coaches and team surroundings, you just never know.
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Old 04-26-2005, 10:12 AM   #8
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Re: The 2000 Draft

I started a post here a while ago suggesting using Cooley or another H back to run the ball in goaline situations. It seems as though thats exactly what we got with guys like White and Broughton. McCune is a beast but I think he has the range, speed and smarts to go along with his physical play.
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