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Winslow done for the year

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 05-20-2005, 08:34 AM   #31
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Re: Winslow done for the year

Very much like Bo Jackson, but at least he got a chance to play... He'll have lots of bionic parts installed after that much leg trauma.
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Re: Winslow done for the year

Pasta actually wrote an article I approve of on this:


Definitely worth a read.

A few things I didn't realize:
1. He actually called himself "The Chosen One"? What an A$$

2. Excerpt from the article:
"Flash back to last summer, his first NFL training camp, when the Browns' organization fawned over its first-rounder despite his tardiness because of a contract dispute. Here was a player who was to carry the franchise, right? Instead, a club functionary regularly toted Winslow's helmet and shoulder pads off the field for him after practice. That went over big, we can tell you, with his older teammates. The media hung on every syllable Winslow uttered because his words were so sparse. And that's because the organization required him to be available for interviews only once a week, a privilege customarily reserved for those who actually have accomplished something in their NFL careers."


3. Another excerpt:
"Still, if Winslow forfeited nearly two weeks of training camp last summer while Browns president John Collins fought to have such default language included in the contract, what was the point if those contract stipulations are rendered meaningless?"

So the motorcycle clause was NOT part of the boilerplate player contract. The Browns specifically sought to prohibit Winslow from this very activity.....they contracted for it, and he breached their agreement. So this isn't like all the other players who play basketball and ride wave-runners when they shouldn't because of some vague clause that could be argued to include some activities and not others. It's not coincidence that Winslow's contract specifically prohibited motorcycle riding.
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Old 05-20-2005, 09:14 AM   #33
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Re: Winslow done for the year

The more I read about the guy the more my dislike for him grows. Maybe two years away from the game will humble him a bit. Somehow I doubt it though.
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