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Patrick Ramsey's Future

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 06-03-2005, 08:56 AM   #61
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Re: Patrick Ramsey's Future

Originally Posted by TheMalcolmConnection
How many games did we give Brunell? I would say we yank Ramsey if he stinks it up as many games as Brunell. That was a long, HARD, BRUTALLY hard look, but we found he just doesn't have it.
I don't have the patience to wait that long. First off, last year was Gibbs' first year, so players at all positions still didn't know what they were doing. Brunell had to struggle with players not really knowing their assignments and an offensive line that wasn't working very cohesively. This year, that's not the case; all the players should know the system. So I'd figure if Ramsey stinks for 4 or 5 games, it's time to make a change. We can't let the season get away from us before we make a change at QB.

But he won't stink. Patrick has the talent and the leadership characteristics, the one thing he hasn't had any of is continuity around him. He's been yanked from the starting spot, had offensive systems changed, and all kinds of stuff. The only variables he's dealing with this year are a new center and new WRs. He should know the offense, and he's going to start. I like his chances to play at an 85+ QB rating, which is solid by NFL standards.
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Re: Patrick Ramsey's Future

I agree. And I don't think he will stink either. I just would hope that in the off-chance he does, Gibbs has learned that leaving someone in just a game or two too long could mean the difference between playoffs and sitting on your ass.
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Re: Patrick Ramsey's Future

Gibbs has seen what the guys can do, so I don't expect him to leave anybody in too long that obviously isn't getting the job done.

I don't expect Ramsey to "stink it up." However, I believe he is going to have to play better than good enough to start.
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