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Skins v Bengals week 3 preseason thread

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Skins v Bengals week 3 preseason thread

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
I heard camp was lax here in Richmond and Jay gets along and has fun with a lot of his players. That's great.

Id like to see him get in some faces and motivate a little more.
That isn't good. I remember way back when Sonny was interviewed about the team atmosphere when Norv was coach after he got the boot. He likened it to Club Med. Relaxed is a good thing, totally laid back to the point of seemingly not caring or really not caring is of course rather bad. It pisses me off when you see players laughing their asses off after they lose or screw up badly. On You Tube there are many videos about the '72 Skins first SB team and one starts out with them losing in the playoffs the previous season. You couldn't hear a pin drop in the locker room before Coach Allen tries to cheer them up. Those old school guys wanted to WIN!!!!!! Not sure about these narcissistic brats the universities crank out today. With all the guaranteed $$$$$$, the incentive to win is minimal.
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Re: Skins v Bengals week 3 preseason thread

Originally Posted by sdskinsfan2001 View Post
Cousins needs to get his swagger back. Grab Dan Snyders head and rub the shit out of it.
Sometimes I wish KC would just go back to playing like he did when he first got here, minus the turnovers of course...lol. He had that gunslinger in him, no fear. He had that against Green Bay. I wish we'd see more of that. I think the pressure of playing to that contract has made him a little gun shy at times. He's too quick to get the ball out of his hands instead of letting things develop down field. I guess that's the one critique I have of him.

But I also think the fans need to relax a bit and not judge every single bad throw the guy has.
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Re: Skins v Bengals week 3 preseason thread

Originally Posted by JoeRedskin View Post
Agreed about the value of preseason. However, throughout the Gruden regime, this team has been a slow starter and nothing I have seen this preseason gives me hope that this has changed.

While I fully understand and completely accept that preseason play is absolutely not a reliable way to predict a team's in-season success, and, in fact, it can be incredibly misleading about the same, it is disconcerting to see the lack of crispness in any aspect of the team, particularly as they come out of the gate.

If they had been sharp in the opening series, gotten a first down, maybe hit a nice pass downfield ... sure, preseason is preseason, so, as a starter, you hit a good play, clock it internally as, "okay, got this. Now not going to get injured," and take the rest of the game easy. But ... the starters weren't crisp out of the gate or at any point in the first quarter. In fact, the offense didn't get things together late in the 2nd half when most of the Bengals were probably "don't get hurt" mode.

IMHO, under Gruden, this team rarely comes out of the gate strong and focused. Whether for a single game or the start of the season. It's a disturbing trend and this preseason has done nothing to allay my concern on that particular issue.

I like Gruden. I don't think he's a bad coach. I don't think he coddles players or otherwise refuses to hold them to account. At the same time, I just don't see evidence that he has the "it" factor either. While the players apparently generally like and respect him, I am not impressed by him as a motivator.

In an admittedly unfair comparison (different eras, salary cap, etc.), I think Gruden is on a par with Gibbs as an X's and O's guy. Yes, Gibbs' was an innovator, etc. and has the edge, of course, but Gruden is not a slouch in that department, runs very good schemes, and can come up with creative ways to attack opposing offenses. However, when it comes to adaptability and motivation, and based on what I have seen, Gruden has not shown himself to be in the same class at the very good/great coaches.

Almost from the first game, Gibbs demonstrated an ability to scrap a failing game plan and come up with something on the fly that countered the opposing team's counter to his original plan. Hell, when Gibbs came to the Skins, he was the offensive mind behind Air Coryell and looked to install that offense here. Five games in, he scraps that and becomes a run-first coach behind Riggins. He literally abandoned his offensive philosophy to create a new way of winning with the tools at hand. Throughout his career, he was famous for his halftime adjustments. There are tons of anecdotes of him creating new game plans / counters on the sideline.

I just have never seen that kind of in-game creativity from Gruden.

Then, and more importantly to the slow starts, there was Gibbs the motivator. Players didn't just like and respect Gibbs, they would run through brick walls for him. He KNEW how to make players play their best from the first play to the last.

Again, I just don't see this kind of inspired leadership from Gruden.

He's a solid coach and he has been a winner. It's only year three, so I remain hopeful he will turn the corner on these two skills. Preseason is useless as to judging the first (adaptability) and a limited predictor of the second (motivator), but I just am not seeing anything that makes me confident that improvement is occurring on either front.
I would say everything in this post seems to be true.
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