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The Jay Gruden thread.

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Re: The Jay Gruden thread.

Originally Posted by VirgilTibbs View Post
I don't even feel as if he is head coach material. Perhaps a good coordinator or assistant, but he sucks as a head coach. He should have never been hired and is only here because no one serious would consider the skins coaching job and Bruce Allen wanted to hook up his buddy.

He has some positves, but the negatives far outweigh them. He fails in the fundementals of calling a football game, and his game and clock management has always been poor. He continues to make the same fundamental mistakes 4years in. Many of the skins losses can be attributed not to penalties, drops, injuries or turnovers, but to his mistakes or simple mismanagement of the game clock. He's quick to throw his players under the bus in press conferences, yet rarely takes blame for his obvious blunders.

I actually think he is holding the team back and they are underachieving (So many points left on the field against the Raiders). The team looks better this year because the talent is better on defense, and the teams coordinators have improved, however Gruden will continue to be the downfall.

His playcalling is atrocious in the redzone, and he overthinks things. (Chiefs game inside their 5 yard line he runs on 2 downs and then has Cousins QB keep on 3rd down. How about throwing a fade to one your 6'4" WR's?)

He's kept Doctson in the doghouse, then finally gets him in the games but only has him targeted once or twice. Then he expects the rookie to catch the game winning td? Regardless if he caught it or not, the Chiefs would have had an oppurtunity to win the game with 2 timeouts due to Gruden leaving close to 50 seconds on the clock by calling an unnecessary timeout with 28 seconds left on the play clock. https://www.thescore.com/news/1389597

Mack Brown shows the best vision, burst and speed out of all the rbs, yet he doesn't even activate him.

The 2 most explosive offensive players on the Redskins (Thompson and Crowder) are only targeted once each all game against the Chiefs.

The team likely would be 3-1 or 4-0 with just an average head coach.
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