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Garoppolo to the 49ers

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Garoppolo to the 49ers

Originally Posted by Buffalo Bob View Post
Probably not, but Manning had multiple neck surgeries that left him with a rag arm. Favre was a gunslinger who often held the ball too long and took a lot of punishment. Brady sometimes doesn't even have to wash his jersey after a game. I think he could last a couple more years than those other 2 guys. Steve Deberg did start one game at 44. I say Brady plays till 42 or 43. Also he is so damn good he can fall off and still be better than average.
Brady will easily play until 45 or beyond, barring some major injury. If at 45 years old he is then only an average QB stat wise, he could still conceivably go a few more years if the rest of the team is performing. Athletes in general are now playing far longer than ever before, I believe during my lifetime seeing 45 and older players will be normal....
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Re: Garoppolo to the 49ers

I donít think Brady will continue to play unless itís at a very high level. Heís not going to accept being an average player.
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Re: Garoppolo to the 49ers

Originally Posted by SFREDSKIN View Post

Well, I shudder to think this, and feel free to correct me if what I'm thinking is not completely accurate, but here's a very possible move by the 49ers. They slap the non-franchise tag on Jimmy Garoppolo, and shop him to the highest bidder. They decide not to match, letting him go while getting some high round draft picks for him. Even if they don't get the two 1st round picks, they will, at least, get their second round pick back, plus something else. They won't just accept what they spent on Jimmy Garoppolo, so it will have to be some very sweet compensation.

Having said that, the 49ers go out and sign Kirk Cousins, just like they have always been pegged to do. So not only do they get a proven, good quarterback as their franchise guy, but they still get their second round pick and possibly even another first round pick. Certainly depends upon what they agree to, but they'd be making a "profit" in draft picks, off of what they invested in Jimmy Garoppolo, while not spending any real money on him.

Meanwhile, the 49ers sign Cousins away from Washington, leaving the Redskins with the choice of drafting another quarterback, or taking the bait and offering a long term contract to Jimmy Garoppolo, all the while having to give up high round picks for him. Shanahan would like nothing more than to royally screw the Redskins by not only taking their quarterback away from them, but also taking away draft picks and making them look stupid by having to sign Jimmy Garoppolo to a deal that they were not willing to sign Kirk Cousins to.

If you're the Redskins front office, you have to see this move as a very real possibility. Even if it doesn't shake out like that, it has potential. You can't take the bait. You sign Cousins to a long term deal and let that be the end of it. If that happens, then the 49ers are probably just fine with Jimmy Garoppolo, giving up a mere second for him, and developing their team with the draft, otherwise. Either way, the 49ers don't have to be completely married to Jimmy Garoppolo just yet. I think, either way, Lynch is playing this very well.
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