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Good article on Taylor in the WP.

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Old 06-17-2005, 04:29 PM   #1
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Good article on Taylor in the WP.

Not sure if it's online, but the post had a really good story about Taylor today. Worth the read.
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Re: Good article on Taylor in the WP.

I read that this morning, not a big fan of the sportswriter but it was an interesting read on the Taylor situation. I really hope this kid gets it togethor. He has the potential to be just as good or better than Ed Reed.
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Re: Good article on Taylor in the WP.

I knew a couple of guys like that through high school and college. It seemed like they were pretty straight shooters if they were hanging around decent people. I had a couple buddies on my high school baseball team, and when they were around the team (almost entirely good eggs) they never caused trouble or did anything wrong. But away from baseball they had their own group of friends that loved to get in trouble, and when they were around this group they always got in trouble. Never failed. Hopefully Sean just learns to keep better company. The article sounds like he's never going to be much of a leader, because he's the type that will just fall in line with whatever group of people he's around. But that's OK, I don't mind the quiet type. I'd love to see Portis get closer to him and hang out with him more around DC so he doesn't feel compelled to head back to Miami and get in trouble.

It was a good article. Taylor has been so hard to get to know, it shed a little bit of light. Sounds like he just needs to use his friggin head, because at heart he doesn't seem like a bad guy. He just needs to make smarter decisions and keep better company.
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