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rumor mill

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rumor mill

i've read a rumor today from a detroit newspaper citing sources that new england will trade their 2 1st rd picks and a their 2nd for detroits 1st rd #6 pick if sean talyor is there. wouldnt it be wise for the redskins to approach N.E. and discuss the same offer. we then could fill needs at def end and tackle aswhile as TE
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I read the same accounts in the Detroit papers. I've also heard that the Redskins have been shopping the #5 overall pick around looking to trade up and down in the draft. I did not hear that they had been in touch with the Pats, but after these reports in the press, you would have to think that Gibbs is placing a call to his old buddy Belichick.

Here is why the deal can't go down until draft day.

If the Pats REALLY want Sean Taylor - remember, NOTHING a GM or coach says about the draft from now until the draft can be assumed to be true - then trading for him today is just a way for the team with one pick higher in the draft to extort them on draft day.

If it came down to crunch time with the Skins on the clock and the choice was Sean Taylor and a late round pick for the Skisn or the Pats two first round picks and their second round pick, I take the three high round picks so fast you'd think I was the winner in the Olympics 100m dash!

But that's just me. I know that some of the folks here already have Sean Taylor's bust ready for Canton Ohio.
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Well I dont think the Redskins are not the only ones foaming at the mouth. I am sure the rest of the picks are trying to get a piece of that action. I has to be all rumor to get the ball rolling.
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