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Chris Cooley Answers Your Questions!

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Chris Cooley Answers Your Questions!

The Malcolm Connection: Chris, with our discussions here recently, everything has pretty much come down to what is going to make the team
successful next year. With everything from a revamped offensive line,
to the shotgun formation, to new team members, there's no real
consensus. What do you feel is the "consensus" in the locker room
about what will be the real key to success in the upcoming year?

Also, most importantly, what is your favorite kind of pie?
I think a big part of our team being successful this year will be the chemistry that we built during last season and especially during the off-season. We have almost everyone back from last year, which is so important and I think guys on the team really have a good feel for one another as well as the coaches have a better feel for what players can do. As far as the offense we are so much more spread out in the passing game and I know we will be much more dangerous there. My favorite kind of pie is definitely apple.

Schneed10: Chris, I'm a big fan of yours, and I'm very glad that you're a part of the team. You and Patrick Ramsey seemed to develop a
decent rapport as the season went along last year. He especially seemed to look your way in the Red Zone. Here at the Warpath, we always discuss you as one of the strongest Redskin weapons in the Red Zone, and we all hope you stay involved in that package. Do you think Coach Gibbs grew more comfortable calling your number in the Red Zone last season; and do you think your role will grow this year? With the subtle changes he is making to the team's offense, has he installed any new packages or plays designed to get the ball in your hands? We sure hope so; we think you're a big key for the Burgundy and Gold!

Also, it's just you with the ball, and 3 defenders standing at the
goal line. One is wearing a Giants jersey, the second is wearing an
Eagles jersey, and the third is wearing a Cowboys jersey. If you had
to choose one guy to run over for a TD, who would it be and why?
A big part of me being successful in the red zone last year was trust that the coaches and Patrick had in me. I felt like I was making some good plays for our offense and I think the coach Gibbs became more comfortable giving me the ball in the red zone as well as all over the field.
Through the off-season our package has developed for more use of the tight end in passing situations. I'm definitely going to keep improving so hopefully I will be able to contribute more this season.
Finally I would run over the guy in the Cowboys jersey. We need to beat those guys so bad, not only for us but for the fans. So that would be an easy pick for me.

Mattyk72: Chris, first off thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions. You seemed to make a relatively smooth
transition from college to the pros. For the rookies coming to the Redskins this year, what are some of the biggest obstacles they will face (on and off the field) as they attempt to hopefully make that same smooth transition from the college game to the NFL?
--Do you pay much attention to the media and what is printed and said
about the team?
--Any significance behind #47?
--If you could play any other position, what would it be?
--If you didn't play football what would you be doing for a living?
--Do you engage in any trash talk on the field? Who is the biggest
trash talker you've gone up against so far?
Rookies make so many transitions when they come to the NFL. College football is a different game. I think the biggest on field challenge is the speed. Everyone is an amazing athlete and everyone is super fast. Another big challenge for me was the time we spend involving football. When we start the season there is six weeks of camp that is unending and then into the season it truly is a 12 hour a day job. I feel like I made a good transition because I really focused on succeeding. Itís been my dream in life to play in the NFL and I wanted to do everything I could to be successful.

- I donít pay any attention the media, everyone has their opinion of what goes on and how things should be done so it really doesnít bother me what other people have to say about the team or myself.

-When I came to the 'Skins, #47 was in my locker. So I was happy to take it. I like it now because itís kind of original for a pass catching tight end.

-I always wanted to play quarterback.

-I wanted to be an art teacher and coach high school wrestling

-I really didnít talk trash, for me everything was moving so fast I didnít have time to think of things to say. I would say the biggest trash talkers are the guys the media mikes up before the game. They want to look cool on TV.

GManc711: How do you think defenses are going to defend you, and how is that going to affect your game in 2005? Clearly you made an
impact last year, that even we Redskins fans didnít expect, so you will
probably be more closely watched. How do you think you'll be able to
get around that and still provide a lot to the team?

Also, I heard that you were an excellent high school wrestler. In fact
I heard that you used to wave to the cheerleaders because you were
beating your opponents so bad. Is there truth to that?
I couldnít guess how I will be defended this year. I may have to work a little more in the red zone because people know I was a big target there but in the field we have so many weapons on our team I think I will have a lot of openings. I've always felt like I have a knack for finding open holes in the defense, itís just been something Iíve been naturally good at.

-I felt like I was a great wrestler. I was undefeated my senior year. My closest match was 14-3. My high school team wasnít very good and we would usually get embarrassed so when it was my turn to wrestle I wanted to give a little back, so I would wave at cheerleaders. Most matches I would take guys down and let them up a few times, I would always smile and laugh, we had a lot of fun.


--What are your favorite movies? Who is your favorite musician? What
do you drive?
--What are your hobbies?
--Could you take us through your game day preparations? For example on
game day do you listen to any kind of music to get pumped up, do you
read, take a nap?
My favorite movies are A River Runs Through It and Legends of the Fall. I really like all the comedy movies though. As far as music I pretty much listen to everything. Before the games I would listen to Taking Back Sunday. Itís kind of punk but it got me excited. I drive a Dodge Ram.

-Hobbies are hunting, fishing, and I paint a lot. I think my biggest hobby is golf, thatís probably what I would do if I had a choice of anything.

-Pre-game is my favorite part of the day. We always have a couple guys go out and have a pass, punt, kick contest. I like to have fun and mess around a little bit. I try not to get too serious 'til right before the game.

TAFKAS: Chris, from a personal standpoint, what have you worked on in the off-season to improve your game and stay a step ahead of the opponent? Also, what responsibilities do you feel you have off-the-field as a member of the Washington Redskins? In other words, do you consider yourself a role model?

Also, I have this "friend" who was seeing this girl for about 6 months. All was going well until one day she told my "friend" that she just didn't see it working out long term. But now she's telling him that she's sad and misses him and wants to see him again. But he doesn't know if she means as a friend or really start seeing him again. Of course he wants to get back with her but he's afraid he'll get an answer he doesn't want to hear. Should he just forget about her and completely and move on? Or take a chance? I think Warpath.net members NY_Skinsfan and Redskins_P are getting tired of hearing this guy complain so I know they will be happy if you can help this "friend" out.

What is your opinion of players around the league wanting to
restructure their contracts before they expire? Does it hurt team
morale when a player who is under contract sits out demanding more
money? Or is it justified since nothing but the signing bonus is
guaranteed anyway

What would you change about the NFL if you were Commissioner?
This off-season I have really worked on speed, I feel like thatís the area of my game that needs most improvement. I have lost about ten pounds and feel like Iím a ton faster.

-I definitely feel like Iím a role model. Its kind of a tough situation because for me I went from college at Utah State where I was a regular guy, to having so many fans in D.C. I try to do everything I can to be someone kids can respect, but I think thatís just the way I am.

-I would say this about the friend. Once it doesnít work out once it was probably for a reason. It definitely will take a lot of work to make it happen a second time. But if he loves her than he will do whatever it takes. Iím definitely not a relationship counselor. Iím probably the worst person to ask. Sorry.

-The NFL is a business and when players with small contracts are playing better and more than guys with big contracts they should get what they deserve. If someone can get more money and a better contract I am definitely happy for them.

JWSleep: Chris, Thanks for taking our questions! (And thanks, Joe Crisp, for another awesome hookup!!!) Chris, what's the most difficult
thing about being an H-back in Joe Gibbs' offense? How different is it from what you did in college? What part of your game do you most want to improve in 2005?

You rock, Chris! You really seem to get the idea of what it means to
be a player on Joe Gibbs' Redskins! Keep it up! THANKS!!!
It is difficult to play H-back in our offense. The 'H' position is really about five or six positions. I can line up at tight end, full back, running back, or any wide receiver position. So I have to understand the responsibilities of everyone. Once I got it down though it was a lot of fun to be able to move all over the place.

-Everyone says I canít get downfield and make big plays, so thatís the part of my game I want to improve.

Monksdown: Is there anything specific that the coaching staff has asked you to work on over this off-season? Good luck this year
The coaching staff has asked me to do the same things I've talked about. Big on speed. Another thing they asked is for me to be a more physical blocker. Both are something I know I can do.

Ramseyfan: Chris, Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some of these questions. My question for you is, besides an increase in his confidence, what, if any changes have you noticed in Patrick Ramsey's passing game since last season?
I would say for Patrick that he knows what everyone is doing on the field. To come into a new offense, it's hard to learn before the start of one season, but at this point he is so sound in our offense.

JamaicanSkin: Thanks so much Chris for taking our questions. My only question is what was it like the first day that you stepped on
the Redskin's practice field? Thanks so much, we really appreciate it.
My first day on the field was amazing. Within the first five minutes I was playing catch with Mark Brunell and Patrick Ramsey while Coach Gibbs was talking to us. For me it was almost unbelievable that I had gotten there.

offiss: Here's my question CC, coming out of college I believe you
won the hard hat award (or something like that) for your blocking and
your ability to level defenders, my question is when are you going to
start pancaking guy's in the NFL? Preferably Cowboys, but especially
Giants, being I live in Jersey and have to listen to Giant fans day
in and day out. I'm not particular-- a CB will do.
I think this year is definitely my year to start pancaking people. Itís tough though because everyone is so big. Maybe Iím gonna have to start looking for cornerbacks. To tell you the truth though I did pancake Ray Lewis last year. He didnít see me coming but I got him, so now I brag about that a lot.[/b]

saden1: Q1: Chris, what's up with your hairdo?
Q2: What did you do with your first NFL check?
Q3: What does your diet consist of in the off-season?
I really donít think too much about my hair. I wear a hat everywhere. When I had it long I was thinking about cutting a mullet, but I decided it would be too ugly.
-I bought a house with my first check.
-This off-season Iíve been trying to eat really healthy. I quit drinking soda and stopped eating chips, it was tough but my body fat went down about 5%.

That Guy: How different is blocking in the NFL vs. college? I know
you had about a million yards of offense in college, but the stats
don't really track blocking. Over the course of the last season I saw
you improve quite a bit, and I'm wondering how much blocking you did
in college, how much you've been asked to do here (lead block for
Portis? Or is that Sellersís job? Delay blitzing LB on deep balls? etc)
and how you've prepared and adapted to perform in that role.

Thanks for taking the time, it may not seem like a big deal for you,
but the fans really appreciate it
Blocking is different because everyone is bigger and stronger. Iím not able to muscle 300 pound D-linemen. So it becomes more of a technique game for me. I blocked a little in college but was more of a receiving tight end. I think Sellers does the lead blocks not because Iím bad, but because he is so good at them.

PSUSkinsfan21: Hi Chris, and thanks so much for taking the time to
answer a few of our questions. You've solidified your place on this
forum as a fan favorite (I know you must be relieved....LOL).

We often hear from the media that certain guys are "team leaders." I'd
love to have a player's perspective from inside the locker room. What
guy(s) do you think really fit the mold of a team leader for the
Skins? Is there anyone in particular that you look up to or admire on
the team? Are the leaders different for the offense versus the
defense, or is there one guy that everyone will just stop and listen
to when he wants to speak his mind or get the team going?

Thanks again and keep up the incredible work on and off the field!
I thought of another one that I want to ask, but I understand if you
don't want to answer:

What was the prevailing mood/opinion in the locker room when Sean
Taylor wasn't showing up for voluntary workouts and OTAs? As a second
year player yourself, do you feel it is ok for a younger player to not
attend such team activities because they are "voluntary"?
I think everyone respects the guys that have played for ten years or more. They really know whatís going on. I especially look up to guys like Ray Brown. He is always so positive and always has great advice for the younger guys.

-The team didnít get too down about the Sean Taylor thing. We want whatís best for the team and for Sean and will just have to hope for the best.

Backrow: Who amongst the Redskin family has developed into
your "Best Friend"?

2nd Question: Washington Post or Washington Times?
Iíve really become friends with the whole team. I think the guys I have been close to are the tight ends I played with last year: Kozlowski, Royal, and Sellers. I play golf with Patrick about twice a week; he has been a really good friend since Iíve been here. And the rookies from last year: Molinaro and Wilson and Boschetti.

I donít care which newspaper.

CRT3: Thanks Chris for taking these questions and thanks for being a great Redskin.
--What team or teams did you follow growing up and do you know much about Redskin lore and tradition?
--Who were your favorite players to watch or idolize growing up?
--Have they improved the food at Redskin Park?
--Do you have much interaction with Dan Snyder and is he always around?
I followed the Broncos growing up. And Iím amazed with the Redskin tradition. The fans have been amazing here, I love it.
-My favorite players were John Elway and Joe Montana.
-I would have to say the food at the park is average. So I donít know if itís improved.

Ade Jimoh Fan Club: 1) If you were stuck on a desert island for a
month and had to pick one of the following to stay with you, who would you pick?

> a. Angelina Jolie
> b. Brittney Spears
> c. Jessica Alba
> d. Paris Hilton
> e. Sean Taylor
> f. John Madden

2) Where do you think Saddam hid the WMD's?

3) Consider a celestial body (planet) of mass M and volume V
consisting of material of uniform density M/V. If the body is
spherical, then its radius is R=(3V/4{pi})1/3, and the free-fall
acceleration on its surface is g=GM/R2=GM(4{pi}/3V)2/3, where G is the gravitational constant. Consider all possible shapes of the body. What is the largest g that can be achieved at one point on a surface and what is the shape of the body for which such acceleration is achieved?

Thanks again!!
Jessica Alba. I think she is the hottest. But John Madden is a close second.
- I donít know where the WMDs are. Sorry. No guess.
- I could never answer the last question. I play football. Lucky me!

BrudLee: Chris - Thank you so much for your time. You seemed to
hit a wall last year before your numbers picked back up. Do you think
that was primarily a conditioning issue from the transition to a 16-
game season? Do you think that physically you'll be prepared better
this year than last? As fans of the Washington Redskins, we feel
certain rivalries - namely Dallas. Do you and the other members of the
team have the same loathing, or is it just another division foe?
As an aside, you kick all forms of ass.
I think I may have hit a wall mentally but it didnít have anything to do with my numbers on the field. I had more catches because the offense had more plays where I could get the ball at the end of the season. I do think Iím in better shape now than I was last season, but itís because I know what to expect and how to prepare for that.

Jbcjr14: You seem to have a good head on your shoulders (unlike some other rookies that have entered the league). Can you tell us what it takes to keep your sanity and staying out of trouble as a rookie in the league?
I think that I stay out of trouble because I have positive things to do in my spare time. Plus I think not very many players come into the league and change. Most people are who they are before they get there and I was never in trouble.

Dirtbag2112: Chris thank you so much for your time. I think one of your strengths is finding holes in zone defenses. Who was the toughest defense you had to face your rookie season and why? What team do you look forward to playing this year? Does the team have a locker room name for you? If so, could you let us know what it is? Thanks!!
I naturally have always been able to feel when Iím open and that has helped me so much in getting open, but I think itís so important to study and know what you're facing every week. The toughest defense was the Eagles. They were the most physical team we played last year. I canít wait to play the Cowboys again. Everyone just calls me Cooley.

12th Man: Congrats on a very productive rookie year! If you were to go to the Pro Bowl this year, do you think you would be elected as a Tight-End or as an H-back??
I think it would be tight end. I donít think they have an H-back position. Plus H-back is basically another term for tight end in our offense. I just move around a little more.

FRPLG: Chris,
Thanks for taking the time to do this.
-What do you think led to the struggles on offense last year?
-What are some of things that Patrick Ramsey brought/brings to the
table that Mark Brunell couldn't/can't and vice versa?
-What do you see being the greatest change in terms of offense this
year? Philosophy? Better use of talent? Etc...
-What do you think your chances are of seeing any real pro bowl
consideration this year if you put up quality numbers again? Is there a
mindset in the league that "h-backs" will never get serious
-Was the Skins defense the best defense you went up against last year?
I think we struggled because everyone was in a new system and it takes time to get used to everyone.

-I think they are both great QBs and they are both really good friends, so I probably won't say anymore than that.

-I think the biggest change in our offense is that we're gonna move the ball around a lot more and try to use a ton of players in the scheme. I feel like it takes time to really get to know what different players are good at and I think our coaches are going to know a lot more this year.

-Honestly, for the Pro Bowl I have no clue. It would be an honor for me if I ever made it, I really just want to fit in with our offense and do everything I can for the Redskins. I think it would be hard for an H-back to get consideration. But I really am a tight end; H-back is the term we use in our offense. I know the #47 doesnít help either. But I like it.

-Our defense was definitely the best I played against last year and that is a huge advantage for our offense.

Mooby: Hey Chris. Wow, thanks for taking these questions, you are a true redskin.
1. Who do you want to beat the most and why. a. the cowgirls b. the
egirls, or the gints?
2. What have you worked on the most in the off-season?
3. From your view, what do you think the offense has most improved on this off-season, was it the deep passing game, or goal line situations?
4. What is the thing you like the most about the redskins?
I want to beat the Cowboys the most. I canít stand that we havenít beaten them in so long and the fans need something to brag about this year.

-I worked on my speed the most this off-season. I really want to be able to make big plays downfield.

-The thing I like the most about the Redskins is the fans. It's the most amazing football atmosphere and I feel so lucky to be a part of it.

Crlesh: Can you score at least one touchdown this season using a one-armed windmill to lead into running over somebody with your shoulder. I think that move makes a wicked highlight and I'd love to see you do it! Of course, the primary goal is to score the touchdown
but it's worth extra love from this fan if you throw the windmill in
too! I'll be watching...
About the moves to get into the end zone: Iím gonna do whatever it takes to get in there, but I really canít think about it out there. I guess Iím not that good yet. It would be a wicked highlight though; maybe I can pull it off once.

monk81: Hey Joe thanks for your efforts to get Chris to answer our
questions. And Chris Cooley THANKS for giving up your valuable time to
reply to our questions:


1. What were your thoughts when you scored your first NFL touchdown?
2. What has impressed you most about Coach Gibbs?
3. What was the most hilarious prank the veterans played on you as a
rookie? I've heard Jansen loves pranks.

And one request.......PLEASE BEAT DALLAS THIS YEAR
My first touchdown I never touched one player and I caught a two yard pass in the end zone, so I thought that it was way too easy. I spiked the ball though and Iíve always wished I kept it.

-I was most impressed that Coach Gibbs was such an easy-to-talk-to, friendly guy. It makes it so fun to play for him and to be a part of his team. It also doesnít hurt that he is an amazing football coach and has an unbelievable knowledge of the game.

-Jansen got hurt before he had any pranks on me. I had to sing a little bit, but I lucked out of anything embarrassing.

Kope: Thanks for your time Chris.
--How interchangeable is H back and FB and TE in this offense?
--We seemed to draft / acquire a lot of big FB / H backs...is that part
of the west coast influence Coach Gibbs is putting in? or was it
special teams driven or both?
Good luck
The position I play-- H-back-- is interchangeable with any position on the field. Throughout a game I will line up in every position at least once. But I will mostly line up at tight end.

-We drafted some great athletes that can hopefully play all over the field and a ton on special teams. Other than that I donít know the thinking that goes on in the draft.

gibbsgirl: I have 4 questions...

1. What made you decide to make football your career?
2. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
3. Does LaVar really listen to the Lion King soundtrack before games?
4. What are some other unusual pregame rituals of your teammates?
Thanks for answering all of our questions!

I chose football as my career because it was something Iíve loved since I was a little kid, as long as I remember it was the only thing I really wanted to do.

-I golf a ton in my spare time. I really love to spend time outside. I love boating and fishing. I just like to be in the sun.

-I donít know anything about the Lion King soundtrack, but Iím definitely going to find out; that would be hilarious.

-I think the most unusual thing is that a lot of us goof around in the locker room before the game. Itís no fun to get all nervous and uptight, so we try to have a good time.


PSUSkinsfan11: Who was your favorite player growing up?
Do you own any throwback jerseys? If so which ones...
Who is your favorite Redskin past or present?

My favorite player was always John Elway. Iíve never had any jerseys. Mine from this year was my first pro jersey.

-My favorite redskin I think is Riggins. He was so tough. Itís a blast to watch him run over people.


VishsSkins: Yo Big CC, how's it hangin'
#1: Do you think you will be more involved in the tight end role this
year as opposed to the fullback/H-back position you held last year?
#2: Are you scared of any player in the league, and if so who, or are
you fearless?
#3: Do you think we have made progress in our deep passing game so far this off-season?
#4: On a personal note (you may choose not to answer this) I just got
my SAT scores and I was wondering how'd ya do?
I hope I can be involved in the offense as much as possible this year. Iím gonna play the same position, it will just depend if that is more involved.

-Iíve never been scared of any other players. Everyone in the league is awesome and there are guys you have to pay a little more attention to, but Iím not scared.

-The deep passing game is just timing. I think we have made tons of progress, and hopefully it is a big part of our offense this year. It makes the games a lot more exciting.

-I didnít take the SAT, I took the ACT and I think I scored a 26. Someone will probable check that and tell me Iím wrong though. Iím not the smartest guy, but thatís why I play football.


E16bball: Chris, first of all thanks very much. There has been
some talk that you put on some extra weight before the draft in order
to boost your draft position at the TE spot. I have read that over the
off-season you have been losing some weight and improving your
foot speed/quickness in order to be more successful in the H-Back role.
First, are these reports generally accurate? And second, if they are
in fact correct, how do you feel increased mobility and speed will
most improve your own game, and the overall function of the offense?

I did gain weight before the draft, and probably too much. I started losing weight during the season and now Iím down about 20 pounds from a year ago. I feel like Iím so much faster. And from the off-season strength program I really feel like Iím stronger than a year ago. Iím so excited because I know I will be a better player on the field this year.


Luxorreb: Big fan and thank you tremendously for taking fans
questions...When you play madden 2k5 do you put yourself in as a FB or
a TE and what offensive playbook do you use?
Thanks and 100% behind Joe Gibbs and the rest of the Redskins for a
great underdog season in 2k5-2k6!!! Good luck!
Richmond, VA

When I play any game I put myself in the tight end position. And I throw myself the ball pretty much every play. I finished a season of Madden with 205 catches. And I was hurt for a couple of games. It was pretty cool for me to play on the game with myself. I just hope my rating will be higher this year.

celts32: 1. What attribute do you like best in Ramsey as a QB?
2. What does he need to work on the most?
3. Why can't Rod Gardner catch a football with any
The thing I like best about Patrick is that he is a great leader on the field. He knows everything thatís going on and he puts our offense in a position to score every time we have the ball.

-I think the one thing that everyone needs to work on is winning.

-I donít really know about Rod. I thought he caught the ball pretty good though.


Counter-Tre: Chris, how have the additions of David Patten and
Santana Moss changed the face of the receiving corps and how do you
think you will be affected? You were a big go to guy in the red zone;
do you think that will change? By the way, thank God we have you and
not Winslow Jr.!
I still feel like I will get the ball in the red zone. I felt like I was able to make a lot of catches in the red zone so hopefully I will keep that up. David and Santana are great players, so I would guess that we will just score a lot more touchdowns this year. And thanks about the Kellen thing. I promise I wonít be having any motorcycle accidents.

Thanks to everyone for the questions and all of the compliments. It really means a lot to me. You guys are amazing fans and I feel so lucky to be able to go out and play in front of everyone. We're going to do everything we can to win games this year and I know we can do it.
And Iím sorry it took me so long to answer the questions. I went camping for a couple weeks and didnít have a computer. Thanks for waiting. See everyone this season!

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Re: Chris Cooley Answers Your Questions!

wow great guy
He will have a great season all of the fans know it.

Thanks Chris
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Re: Chris Cooley Answers Your Questions!

Wow. A big thanks should go out to Chris (that must have taken him a while) and to all the guys on this site that set this up.

Don't forget about http://www.thewarpath.net/showthread.php?threadid=6884 (Send Crisp to Camp!)
"It's not about what you've done, but what's been done for you."
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Thank You, Sean.
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Re: Chris Cooley Answers Your Questions!

Props to Chris Cooley. Defintley somthing he didnt have to partake in, and he defintly provided some good awnsers and with the exeption of sidestepping a couple questions you'd proboably expect him to shy away from, he awnsered everything straightforward. Thanks again Chris.... can I have your avatar?
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Re: Chris Cooley Answers Your Questions!

A big thanks to Joe Crisp for setting this up, and of course a big thanks to Chris Cooley for being such a down to earth and accessible guy!
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Re: Chris Cooley Answers Your Questions!

My new favorite Skin. Just for answering all the questions honestly and straight foward. Good guy. Thanks a lot Chris!
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Re: Chris Cooley Answers Your Questions!

I like his picture
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Re: Chris Cooley Answers Your Questions!

Thanks a lot Chris for taking time outta your busy schedule to talk to some diehard 'Skins fans. We really appreciate your honesty and straighforwardness. Thanks a lot, and have an incredible season.
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Re: Chris Cooley Answers Your Questions!


Thanks so much for your time to answer all of our questions. And you're right, Jessica Alba is a piece (although I wouldn't kick Angela Jolie out of bed for eating crackers...).

I hereby induct you into the Ade Jimoh Fan Club as an honorary member - congratulations! (Right now, it's just you and me, but it's catching on, I think)

You are most definitely my second favorite player - I hope you have an amazing season and the Skins turn it around!

Good luck!
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Re: Chris Cooley Answers Your Questions!

Definitely one of the most down to Earth people that I know. That's cool to see being a great H-Back hasn't made him forget he used to not be a football player.

Chris, many thanks for answering all those questions. That REALLY must have taken a long time. I'm sure we'll all be looking forward to updates throughout the season. I'd love to hear some side stories/jokes that go on...
Regret nothing. At one time it was exactly what you wanted.

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Re: Chris Cooley Answers Your Questions!

WOW! Fantastic stuff. Thanks Chris, for taking the time. You're a great redskin and a great guy!

Good luck this year. All of us warpathers will be behind you!
Hail from Houston!
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Re: Chris Cooley Answers Your Questions!

That was really good. Great work guys!
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Re: Chris Cooley Answers Your Questions!

Awesome.....just awesome. To take the time out of a very busy schedule right now to answer all those questions.....that just rocks. It's so refreshing to see an NFL player who wants to do everything he can for the fans. That's the kind of guy everyone can feel good cheering for. I hope we keep him around for his entire career.

Thanks again Chris.

And thanks again to JC for setting this all up.:thumb:
"Hail to the Redskins!" and "Fight on State!"
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Re: Chris Cooley Answers Your Questions!

Originally Posted by Duffman003
I like his picture
Nice Guns 'n Roses t-shirt! Definitely my new favorite player!
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I like big (_|_)s.
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Re: Chris Cooley Answers Your Questions!

Picture is classic too.
Regret nothing. At one time it was exactly what you wanted.
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