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53 Man Roster and Training Camp Battles

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Old 07-28-2005, 04:22 PM   #16
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Re: 53 Man Roster and Training Camp Battles

Originally Posted by Schneed10
I dunno, I can't see Gregg Williams letting Garnell Wilds go. He's the 4th coverage guy on the team behind Rogers. Remember, he did quite well against Moss last year, and given that Rogers has a foot problem I can't see Williams letting him go.

I think Gregg Williams' need for strong corners on D trumps any concerns about special teams. When listing priorities, not to downplay the importance of special teams because it is important, but in our scheme having that 4th cover guy is more important.

The only way Wilds gets let go in my opinion, is if GW is comfortable with having one of the safeties be the 4th corner.
I hear you on the Wilds issue. I agree - Williams likes him and I think he has a good shot at the team. BUT, like I said earlier, I think he may get lost in a numbers crunch.

After thinking about it some more I came up with my own adaption of your chart:

QB: 3 - Ramsey, Brunell, Campbell
WR: 4 - Moss, Jacobs, Patten, McCants/Dyson
TB: 2 - Portis, Betts
FB: 1 - Broughton
HB/TE: 3 - Cooley, Royal, White
O Line: 5 - Jansen, Thomas, Rabach, Dockery, Samuels
O Line Back Ups: 3 - Ray Brown; (For 2 spots): Molinaro/Wilson/Friedman
CUT: Raymer

DE: 2 - Wynn, Daniels,
DT: 3 - Griffin, Salavea'a, Noble
DL Back Ups: 2- Evans/Warner/Boschetti
LB: 5 - Arrington, Washington, Marshall, Holdman, McCune
S: 3 - Taylor, Bowen, Prioleau (ST)
CB: 3 - Springs, Harris, Rogers
Back-Up DB's: 2 - Lott/Dixon/Clark/Hawkins


Specialists: 3 - Tupa, Albright, Hall/Chandler
Special Teams (Locks): 3 - Jimoh (CB), Thrash (WR), Brown (WR)
Special Teams (For 6 Spots): - Allen (LB)/ Newberry (LB)/ Campbell (LB)/ Sellers (HB/TE)/ Cartwright (TB)/ Wilds (CB) /Brown (CB)/ Clemons LB)/ C. Smith (LB)


For those guys not listed in the Special Teams battle (i.e. McCants/Dyson), I suspect that if they don't win their position battle they will not make the team.

For those listed in the Special Teams battle, I suspect that they make the team regardless of their position IF they outplay others for an ST slot. Otherwise they will need to significantly outplay people at their position to make the team.

Priealou is a bit of a special case as he was signed specifically for Special Teams but is also an experienced starting safety - because of his versatility I see him as a lock.

Also, I think you're right Schneed - Wilds is probably in the mix both as a special teamer and back-up DB. But if one of the back-up DB's can fill the S/CB role, than Wilds only chance of making the team is to be a big special teams contributor. If that is true, he kinda becomes Ade Jimoh, Jr.
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Old 07-29-2005, 12:01 AM   #17
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Re: 53 Man Roster and Training Camp Battles

i think wilds, and lott (if healthy) are lock ups. i wouldnt be suprised to see good ol' bowen gone. dare i say this is the year ade goes??? And what about ryan clark? his durability last year, and a year in williams defense shoudl give him a leg up, maybe practice squad?
i really believe that lott will stay because of his versatility, can play safety or corner with ease.
what do you guys think of the hammer??? will Mcune make the team?
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Old 07-29-2005, 12:05 AM   #18
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Re: 53 Man Roster and Training Camp Battles

what about him?
I like him
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Old 07-29-2005, 08:46 PM   #19
Special Teams
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Re: 53 Man Roster and Training Camp Battles

As far as our defense goes, I understand what you guys are talking about that Williams likes a lot of LBs since they play a huge role in his schemes. However, I think that DBs are the most important part of our D. Without great coverage downfield, GW would not be able to blitz our LBs and develop all the creative plays in his playbook. Since we really dont have that elite pass rusher on the D-line, we need our corners and safetys to cover opposing receivers for a long period of time (which happened a lot last year when we got sacks after 5 or 6 seconds). Not only are DBs important in terms of being able to cover receivers, but GW loves blitzing them as well. Remember, Springs led our team in sacks and Bowen picked up 2 in his only game played. Basically what I'm trying to say is that I could see us keeping 9 or 10 backs and maybe 6 LBs or so (our LB corps is very deep so the 6 that make it will be more than capable) as opposed to 8 DBs and 9 or 10 LBs.
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Old 07-30-2005, 12:01 AM   #20
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Re: 53 Man Roster and Training Camp Battles

I agree with vishskins. Secondary is primary in this case. Smart athletic linebackers are important, but, we did have 2 backups playing in the linebacker slots all year last year and did great. If we were to have to resort to backups at the linebacker positions... no big deal... we just keep the best 8 we got that will contribute on STs as well. If we have a breakdown in our secondary we will be seeing a lot more games lost and the defense will deteriorate. Centerfield safety, nickel, linebacker blitzes, secondary blitzes, and even defensive line stunts rely on a talented secondary and we do go up against teams with great recievers.
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Old 07-31-2005, 06:38 PM   #21
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Re: 53 Man Roster and Training Camp Battles

MLB is the hot spot and I see McCants fighting for a backup WR spot........along with Dyson..
"It's absolutely criminal, in my opinion, that Monk has yet to be enshrined (in the Pro-Football Hall of Fame)" Dan Arkush PFW
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Old 07-31-2005, 09:48 PM   #22
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Re: 53 Man Roster and Training Camp Battles

Well, we can scratch Lott from the list, but add Stoutmire. I wonder if he will stick? He was a beast a couple of years ago.
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Old 07-31-2005, 10:33 PM   #23
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Re: 53 Man Roster and Training Camp Battles

If he stays healthy I think he will be a solid adittion do add depth to our safeties. I'd like to see bowen stay healthy, but that hasn't happened in a couple of years, so having a starter backing up your starter isn't a bad way to go. I just don't see how we can afford it. I know the guy's not Steve Attwater or anything, but he's been proven to be a pretty solid starter, and in the right system (GW's) i think he could really shine.
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