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What If...?

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Re: What If...?

Originally Posted by RedskinsJunkie
Ramsey is going to be fine this year. A lot of things are going to fall into place. Our Line is healthy and better, Portis is happy with new blocking schemes. Gibbs will open up the offense. But I have read that a lot of you think that Ramsey will throw less than 20 TDs this season. If that is the case we are in for a way worse season than the same people are predicting. No way he throws less than 20 TDs and we go for more than 7 wins. NOt going to happen. That is barely 1.5 TDs/game. If he can get us 22-25 this year we are in trouble. Which is more realistic, him getting 22-25 or Portis going from 5 to 13-14???
That is an excellent point about the 20+ tds. I guess that mainly stems from last season and the fact that we're concentrating more on the running game and bringing in some bruiser backs in the draft. That makes it look more like we'll have to score from inside the redzone, as we have a bit more conservative approach to the pass, utilizing our running backs, but if you stop to think about it... with all the wheels we have at WR, someone is bound to take a few to the house. Then we have Cooley, Royal, and Portis's/Betts recieving TD's. We should be set.
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Re: What If...?

Is this a contract year for Ramsey? If so, then I say he puts up probowl #s. They always seem to when it's a contract year AND they've got a $$ rookie waiting in the wings.

Nothing like money and rookies to motivate you.
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Re: What If...?

Or if you're Drew Brees.
Regret nothing. At one time it was exactly what you wanted.
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