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Antonio Brown at Receiver

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Antonio Brown at Receiver

Originally Posted by That Guy
brown may turn into a dante or a hakim... good returner, average receiver. still, i think brown and wilds are going to be our out of nowhere guys this year.
Definately Wilds, this guy seems to get good press everytime there's a "camp report". It's interesting to see how much the Post & Times are discussing the formative speed of this team. I mean much of the NFL is predicated on speed but you'd think this is the fastest corps in the league with how much attention their giving it.
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Re: Antonio Brown at Receiver

Maybe the fastest "team" speed of anyone in the league on both sides of the ball...
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Re: Antonio Brown at Receiver

well, portis is one of the faster rbs (fastest lateral movement for sure), moss and pattern are #2 and #3 on ypc (ashley lelie (broncos) is #1 i think), brown is supposed to be as fast as moss, jacobs is supposed to be a burner and thrash has good speed too (30-50yard returns last year), so if we were the fastest receiving corp i wouldn't be surprised at all... we've got four burners and the best depth of fast WRs.

the question is whether they can make this offense go though... coles and gardner weren't great last year, but they were pretty decent blockers for WRs, and i'm not sure our midget wrestling league is capable of avoiding a drop off there. Hopefully they can make up for it in other ways.
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Uncle Phil
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Re: Antonio Brown at Receiver

Originally Posted by REDSKINS TANK
Antonio is gonna give our offense great field advantage. Our offense will have shorter field too work with.
And that's an important point that shouldn't be overlooked. He may not be more than the 5th WR but he will most likely be our primary kick/punt returner. And that's a critical position, especially with a team that showed not so promising offensive results last year. So whether or not he gets much time on the field during offensive plays, Antonio Brown will still be a critical component of the team
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