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Redskins blog: Day 3

Redskins Locker Room

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Redskins blog: Day 3

Not much new here but still an entertaining read:


ASHBURN—I drove back to Fredericksburg yesterday evening because today’s practice doesn’t start until 4 and I had to take care of some menial tasks like paying rent and stuff. Anyway, during my drive, I came to the conclusion that there’s no fun way to go from Fredericksburg to Ashburn. Maybe that gondola they’re going to build near Central Park can run up there or something. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these tidbits from Day 3 of Washington Redskins training camp.

--It’s amazing to see 43-year-old offensive lineman Ray Brown still shoving his way across the line of scrimmage. I mean, he’s older than a lot of coaches around the league. If you add the ages of defensive backs Sean Taylor and Carlos Rogers, you get 45.

--When Jon Jansen fell to the ground after colliding with Clinton Portis during a play yesterday, it was so quiet you could hear a cricket burp. Jansen, who missed all of last season with a ruptured Achilles tendon, stayed down for a few moments before getting up and limping to a water cooler. Coaches and trainers came over to check on Jansen, and a few snaps later he was back in action.

--Though there’s been a lot of talk this offseason about the Redskins unveiling a few wrinkles of shotgun offense, I’ve yet to see it at practice. Which reminds me, on the eve of the first night of camp, Joe Gibbs gave us media members a stern warning, saying we’re not allowed to tell you guys about various schemes they’re practicing. Sorry.

--I’m glad training camp lasts just a few weeks, because I can’t keep getting up this early. Besides last year’s camp, I don’t think I’ve consistently been awake before 8 a.m. like this since I was in high school. Even then, I pretty much slept through class. (That one’s between me and you.)

--There have been plenty of entertaining fans at camp thus far. Yesterday’s gem had a field day yelling toward the field all day. He even decided to create a few nicknames, and this one made me chuckle: He called rookie quarterback Jason Campbell “Mr. S.T.AT.” - short for “Standing Tall and Talented.” He’s not lying. Campbell is 6-foot-4 and was selected with the 25th overall pick of the NFL draft for a reason.

--If Jansen, Chris Samuels, Derrick Dockery, Randy Thomas and Casey Rabach can stay healthy all year long, I think the Redskins will have one of the five best offensive lines in the NFL.

--Even though he hasn’t practiced yet and missed most of last season with a knee injury, LaVar Arrington remains the most popular thing in Ashburn since the Lombardi Trophy. Yesterday I was about a quarter mile from a massive throng of fans when I heard a cacophony of cheering and screaming. For a moment I thought Darrell Green had come out of retirement, but then I saw LaVar ambling up the walkway.

--Joe Theisman stopped by the morning session yesterday and signed some autographs. It may just be early season speak, but the former Redskins quarterback turned ESPN broadcaster seems to think the Redskins could be pretty good this year.

--Gotta hand it to the local law enforcement. On Day 1, the traffic light at Waxpool Road was running slower than a 400-pound offensive lineman. But for the past two days there’s been an officer manning the little compartment that can make the light stay green, and the congestion has been lessened considerably.

--That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!

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