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My training camp experience

Redskins Locker Room

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My training camp experience

Today i went to fan appreciation day at Redskins Park. It was fucking amazing, hot as hell, but totally worth it. I took quite a few photos of practice, along with my parents who came for the ride. I think they finished practice early because of the autograph session, which was only 45 minutes long. The players were divided into groups of five, and there were sixteen groups. each group had their own table. Because of all the people that showed up, they had to limit one item autographed by each player. The way the groups were set up was you had one or two starters, depending on which group, and then some lesser known backups so that each player got to autograph something. Lavar was in group 1, Portis was in group 7, and Joe Gibbs was in group sixteen. Each of those lines filled up really quickly, and the employees shut them off so that nobody could get back in line, only the people who hadn't gotten an autograph yet were in them. I got into the line for group #1, so i could get lavar's autograph. I was near the back of the pack though, and if he hadn't decided to stay longer than i wouldn't have gotten an autograph. But he decided to stay so that each fan would get an autograph. I only ended up getting his autograph, but it was totally worth it, standing in those long lines without shade in enormous heat. My dad went to line #16, but he wasn't able to get gibbs' autograph because they shut the line off at some point before him. So he went to various tables, and i ended up getting about sixteen different players autographs, partly because my mom went to different tables too. I made a list of all the autographs i got, which were: (keep in mind that the tables had a starter or two, then some backups, then some players brought in for training camp)
Lavar Arrington
Marcus Washington
Shawn Springs
Robert McCune
Tony Dixon
Clifton Smith
Randy Thomas
Jonathan Combs
Jon Alston
Derrick Dockery
Nehemiah Broughton
Aki Jones
Jeff Chandler
Jon Jansen
Walt Harris
Joe Salave'a
Rich Parson.

Overall it was great, and if my parents hadn't come with me, I would've only gotten Lavar's autograph.
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Re: My training camp experience

Very cool
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Re: My training camp experience

Awesome - frame and hang them! That'd make a nice Warpath 'crib'!
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Re: My training camp experience

wish i could have gone and gotten my Pro Bowl jersey signed, but very cool, I'll be at the sceeeeeeeeermige tommorrow, but very cool story
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Re: My training camp experience

Originally Posted by crlesh
Awesome - frame and hang them! That'd make a nice Warpath 'crib'!
My uncle just bought an amasing house, i am trying to convince him to make the basement devoted to the redskins, He already is getting a movie theater put in a side room with a huge ass projection screen and like 12-15 seats, I can't wait to watch skins games in there and super bowls(which are also gonna be skins games)
If it ever gets done i'll post it as a WARPATH "crib"
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Re: My training camp experience

Fantastic you and your parents got all those signatures..........

Gee, it's cooler down here in Texas in August than it is in Virginia........that's amazing.......
"It's absolutely criminal, in my opinion, that Monk has yet to be enshrined (in the Pro-Football Hall of Fame)" Dan Arkush PFW
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