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Good article on the running game

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 08-08-2005, 12:17 AM   #1
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Good article on the running game

There's a very nice peice in the Post--by Jason La Canfora no less (!!!)--about the changes in the running game. I was especially impressed to learn that Byner has talked a lot with Alex Gibbs--the line coach at Denver for years, and now at Atlanta--about how to properly work the "stretch" play. Byrner sounded totally committed to getting it to work here. Also, they've moved Portis BACK a few steps in the backfield so he hits the line at speed and doesn't have to wait like last year so much. Plus, there's some great Buges quotes--he's also pumped.

THe whole thing helped to put the scrimmage in perspective (it seems to have sent disturbing waves of panic through Redskin fan-land...)--do you remember any running plays at all on Saturday, or at least any with Portis?

Anyway, it's a good read--refreshing from the usually negative (at least as of late) Washington Post.

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Re: Good article on the running game

i told em 1700 this year for sure
no way he gets anything less than 1500, we are gonna do what we can and as bugel says they will adjust. Joe gibbs, Joe Bugel another set us not so average joes, gonna make it work
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Re: Good article on the running game

Great article. I'm really excited about what we may be able to do running the ball this year!
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