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More Lenny P: O-line manhandled in scrimmage

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Old 08-10-2005, 08:23 PM   #31
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Re: More Lenny P: O-line manhandled in scrimmage

NYskinsfan is exactly right, it takes time to break a team of 12 years of losing. Not even Vince Lombardi could turn the Redskins around in one year. Gibbs will turn the skins around...in due time.
Shouldn't you take steps in the right direction? The offense went backwards in PPG and the defense was improved by an amazing defensive coordinator. Last years team was much more talented than the team we put on the field the year before yet they still couldn't get it done. To me the Win/Loss columns don't matter as much as the strides we've taken to improve. Like every coach that comes through I give them a 3 year grace period to get their guys and their system in place -- however, that doesn't mean you shouldn't voice your opinion. I often see Well I think X but I have to concede my opinion to GIbbs because he knows more than me. That's really no suprise, he knows more than all of us together, but the point of sites such as this one are to discuss things like that and understand both sides of an argument.

In good news the attitude has changed around Redskins park, but the real test will come if we have a dismal record about 1/2 way into the year if the players have the same tone.
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Old 08-11-2005, 12:19 AM   #32
Uncle Phil
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Re: More Lenny P: O-line manhandled in scrimmage

We had much more talent last year than the year before? Defensively, absolutely. Offensively, we added Portis and Cooley and for all intents and purposes lost Jansen. There weren't wholesale changes from one year to the next. Not that I recall
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Re: More Lenny P: O-line manhandled in scrimmage

Coaches who are wildly successful in their first seasons are exceptions to the rule.

Change takes time, especially when you're talking about a coach coming back to the league after so long away.

The last time we saw something similar was with Vermeil, and look at what he went through his first couple seasons, they were ready to ship him out when he finally turned the corner with the Rams.
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