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What's your tolerance level?

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Old 08-15-2005, 04:59 PM   #1
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What's your tolerance level?

We Redskins fans are legendary for our lack of tolerance and patience (just ask Pastabelly, he'll tell you!) so how many mediocre/poor games for the following before you call for a change?

Brunell (assuming Ramsey gets replaced)

*Portis was a late addition since some people wanted to trade him because Betts played well in the finale last year. *

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Old 08-15-2005, 05:07 PM   #2
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Re: What's your tolerance level?

Ramsey-8 games. You need to have confidence in the backup before you call for the starters head.

Dockery-4 games

Bowen- 4 games

Harris- 2 games. As soon as Rogers is ready his leash is real short.

Brunell- A soon as the playoffs are out of reach.

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Old 08-15-2005, 05:50 PM   #3
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Re: What's your tolerance level?

Ramsey - 5 weeks, but I'd want Campbell in. However I don't see Ramsey doing badly.
Dockery - 8
Bowen - 0, Bowen will be fine
Harris - Ahrris can stay, play Rodgers at nickleback until he's fully on the page.
Brunell (assuming Ramsey gets replaced) 0, I don't want to see him start again.
*Portis - He's our man, no need to change.
Gibbs - Heretic! another 4 years and Gregg takes over.
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Old 08-15-2005, 06:48 PM   #4
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Re: What's your tolerance level?

Ramsey didn't show much. Perhaps Coach Gibbs knew what he had when he drafted the young quarterback. Ramsey may be the best that we have right now but that isn't saying too much--my confidence in his potential is waning. His performance was disappointing. He had open receivers and missed them badly Saturday night. Once the playoffs are out of reach put in Campbell and let him get real time experience.
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Old 08-15-2005, 06:56 PM   #5
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Re: What's your tolerance level?

Ramsey 6 REGULAR games. pre season doesn't count
Dockery 2 only if he really stinks it up
Bowen 4 only because he'll be injured by then anyway.
Harris 3 rogers has a lot of potential. Harris is too good at nickel
Brunell Please god don't wish this on us again

Portis/Gibbs- You can't lose faith in these guys. They're both winners and team

I am suprised (but glad, mind you) that you dont have LA on the list since there were so many fans wanting to trade him after last year. I guess since he's not down anymore we'll stop kicking him.
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Old 08-15-2005, 07:01 PM   #6
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Re: What's your tolerance level?

I can't really comment on Harris until I see Carlos Rogers play. If Ramsey stinks it up after game three, I would have to go with Brunell...but I'm still having faith that Ramsey's th' man.
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Old 08-15-2005, 08:44 PM   #7
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Re: What's your tolerance level?

Ramsey-5 games.......
Dockery--who do we replace him with.....I don't know if 42 year old Ray Brown can be a full time starter..........but I'd say 7 games........
Bowen-5 games
Harris- 4 games..hopefully Rogers will be ready if we need him to start
Portis---he's our main RB---even last year with an ineffective offense he still had a decent year in terms of yardage.........
Brunell-if we tank the season and Ramsey stinks, Brunell places him--Brunell stinks--then give the rookie Campbell some time in the regular season for next year but I hope and pray this
doesn't happen.........
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Old 08-15-2005, 09:55 PM   #8
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Re: What's your tolerance level?

how about its all out of our hands... on portis, even when he's doing bad he's extremely good (for the most part)... his WORST year is 1300+ yards. betts is a capable replacement, but has been a bit fragile thusfar, and rock is a good backup, but not really a guy you'd feel comfortable starting unless you had peyton manning or daunte throwing for you.
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Old 08-16-2005, 09:10 AM   #9
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Re: What's your tolerance level?

Ramsey - The whole season. Can we let the man play without knowing someone else is barking on his heals the whole time. Some players respond to competition. Others don't do so well. Let's make our QB feel comfortable THEN see what he can do.
Dockery - A young player, he needs time to develop but that preseason game looked extremely promising. I say we try to keep these guys together as long as possible!
Bowen - Honestly, I hope he doesn't start. It depends how often he gets matched up in coverage and owned. Once that starts happening - pull him.
Harris - If he plays like he did in the preseason game -- not long. Rogers has all the talent in the world but he's still a rookie. I'm scared about our corner across from Springs. If Springs goes down so does our season. CBs are so important to Williams scheme. Thats the one position he can't turn nobodies into somebodies. Harris got rocked in the preseason game, and while things are vanilla man coverage is pretty simple. He just got abused.
Brunell (assuming Ramsey gets replaced) - If he's playing poorly, let's see Jason Campbell. If he's playing well he can go as long as he likes.
*Portis - With everything this guys proven he goes the year with Betts taking a few more snaps.
Gibbs - This year and next is my time line for him. Unless he hires a proven OC and hands playcalling duties over to him. Then he can stay forever.
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Old 08-16-2005, 09:28 AM   #10
Thank You, Sean.
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Re: What's your tolerance level?

Ramsey- Until were out of the playoff chase. And he has to be playing poorly as well. I'm with Dasel, this has been our problem in DC for years now, we dont let someone take the reigns as QB and always want to switch things up. I hope Ramsey plays the whole year, unless he's playing at a Brunellish level were he cant even get the ball into a recivers hands.
Dockery- Pretty much the same as Ramsey. I'd give him the whole year.
Bowen- 6 games. I personally think he is a good player, and I'm a fan of the guy. If he keeps getting burned though, he might have to sit down.
Harris- Until Rogers is ready to go. Period. If he's playing really really bad (which I dont think he will), I wouldnt mind seeing Wilds have a quick chance. However, I think Harris is going to be able to hold down the fort until Rogers is ready to step in.
Brunell (assuming Ramsey gets replaced)
*Portis - Give me a break, anyone who wants to trade this guy is crazy. If his guy sees the bench, someone is really messed up.
Gibbs - 8 games. I wont be calling for a new coach, though. I'd be calling for a new playcaller. I wouldnt want Gibbs the coach to ever be replaced, but if we call alot of the plays we did last year, consistantly, I'd want a new playcaller.

Overall, I'm a Redskins fan. I dont care who is on the feild, if "The Juice" OJ Simpson is suting up at tailback for us, and were winning games, thats fine by me. So if anyones playing poorly weather it be Ramsey, Cooley, Arrington, and their replacement is better, by all means let them go. That even means Brunell.
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Old 08-16-2005, 09:49 AM   #11
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Re: What's your tolerance level?

Unless Ramsey is downright horrible, you've got to leave him in the entire season.

I like Dockery and I think he's really going to have a good year. Unless he's awful, leave him in there.

Bowen will likely be rotated, so I'm not too concerned about him.

Harris, he's the starter until Rogers proves he's ready or Harris plays himself out of the job.

If Ramsey gets hurt or stinks it up and Brunell takes over, I'd leave him in there until he either plays himself out of the lineup or the season is lost. Then give Campbell a shot.

The whole trade Portis thing was and still is, ridiculous.

For once I'm with daseal, I'll give Gibbs a full 3 years before I put a final grade on him.
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Old 08-16-2005, 09:52 AM   #12
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Re: What's your tolerance level?

Ramsey - I'd like to say the whole season, since he's never started every game in a season. He's got the tools, let's just hope he uses them.

Dockery - This will be either be a breakout year, or a byebye year. Let him go the whole season. If he does well, keep him. If not, let him go.

Bowen - People underestimate Matt Bowen, however with a guy like Ryan Clark chomping at the bit, they'll be splitting time

Harris - They'll move Walt back to nickle as soon as Carlos is ready to go. However, don't be surprised if Harris starts most games, then moves to nickel

Brunell (assuming Ramsey gets replaced) - If Ramsey is replaced, the season is lost, and you ride Brunell into the sunset, and get Campbell ready for next year

*Portis - the one offensive superstar we have...let him run until he leaves because of money

Gibbs - Give him his due, and when he's ready, he'll let us know, and Gregg will take over
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Old 08-16-2005, 01:04 PM   #13
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Re: What's your tolerance level?

Ramsey- Entire Season. He Has Never Had A Chance To Show What He Can Do. He Showed Alot Of Good Stuff Towards The End Of The Year. Against The Giants He Had The Best Game Of Any Qb For A Few Years. Also AGAINST Minnesota
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Old 08-16-2005, 01:57 PM   #14
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Re: What's your tolerance level?

Welcome, GO RAMSEY! Why Are You Capitalizing The First Letter Of Each Word?
Hail from Houston!
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Re: What's your tolerance level?

Ramsey - All year until/unless the season is tanked - at that point we know he won't be starting next year anyway, so why not give Campbell some time
Dockery - Until someone outperforms him
Bowen - His 2nd bad burn. Then he comes out of all rotations unless he's strictly playing the run
Harris - Until Rogers is ready to usurp him
Brunell (assuming Ramsey gets replaced) - Not unless Campbell is hurt or our season is still salvageable, and then a very short leash - only one bad game unless we have no other backups
Portis - if we can rule out problems with the run-blocking, 4 games
Gibbs - until he wants to retire again
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