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Giants looking to trade up? (to 1st)

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Originally Posted by Daseal
Wow, if we have Gallery fall to us at 5, we just gained a shitload of leverage. Seriously. Teams would give up a lot for Gallery. And we could still land Taylor or Winslow.
That would be interesting, but I don't see gallery making it past #4, san diego if they play thier card's right could walk away with a lot of draft pick's, a trade down to the #4 spot should net them a #2 and one more pick, and a trade down from the #4 spot should bring a lot more, they could double up on thier draft pick's, and in a draft as deep as this one they could rebuild that team in 1 year, if they evaluate properly.
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Gallery Will Fall to Number Five

I really believe that if this Bolts-Giants traded goes through, then Gallery will be available at number 5. There is a chance that he'll go to Norvil at #2 over Roy Williams. But if the Raiders do go receiver, the Chargers will pick Roethlisberger, not Gallery. Nor do I think they will trade the pick.

There are a few reasons I think SD is the logical choice for Roethlisberger...

1. They get an elite college QB without the spotlight and pressure of the number one pick (AKA the Leaf-Vick Skirt-Wearing Effect Effect).

2. I keep reading that Schotty (especially) and GM AJ Smith are drooling over Ben while trying to maintain a straight face (AKA the Drunk Frat Boy Who Wants to Date Your Sister Effect).

3. Man-O-Man, do the Bolts need a QB. Flutie re-signed for "three years" (AKA the "Extra Strength" Brunell Anti-Aging Effect), but, well, that's about it. If that's how they're planning on going into the season, with freakin' Methuselah at QB, well, I wouldn't be getting too comfy in my SD digs if I were Marty or Smith. I'd be looking at planned communities with a golf course. Preferably someplace with a dry heat.

If the trade doesn't go through, I think the Giants will draft Roethlisberger and Gallery will fall to us anyway . The writing's on the wall for Collings. The Giants won't even broach the subject of an extension with him.

If we do get Gallery, then we could trade the number 5 and our fifth rounder (#139) to Cleveland for their number 7 and their third rounder pick, number 68 overall. Those trade values are pretty fair, with us coming out slightly ahead (AKA the A-Fair-Trade-Is-When-Each-Party-Thinks-They-Screwed-The-Other-Guy Effect).

If we do end up with the seventh pick and me having no clue what the Lions are inclined to do, I can only think of one thing that would come to mind:


Or maybe, just maybe, "Hello Mr. Taylor!" :thumb:
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Normally, I agree that bad teams (Chargers are a bad team) need to consider trading down to get multiple picks. But if I count correctly, they already have 10 picks in this draft so I'm not sure that amassing more picks this year would be the way they want to go.
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If the Raiders want Roy Williams they are going to trade down as well. Only further confusing the trade possabilties
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