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Did anybody go to bed and miss the end of MNF?

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Did anybody go to bed and miss the end of MNF?

Originally Posted by Warpath
Hey man I ALWAYS set my dvr to record at least 30 minutes after the game ends. I got it all! When in your settings, set it to add 30 minutes on the end!
I do the same thing, even sometimes as much as 45 to 60 minutes extra if it's an important game that I think might go extra.
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Re: Did anybody go to bed and miss the end of MNF?

i always watch the whole game. I was gone early with our church hosting the Gulf Coast guest and watching the Saints game. I left there at the half and came home to start the TIVO. I 'caught up' (skipping commercials) early in the 3rd and was pretty TO'd at the effort thus far.

I apparently dozed off, only to awake to the cheers and commentators watching the replay of the 1st Moss TD. I rewound the TIVO and caught the rest.

So, yes I saw the comeback, but yes, I did doze off in the 3rd after a long day. Did I miss anything?
Redskins fan lost in Texas for 20 years. Need a ride to D.C.
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Re: Did anybody go to bed and miss the end of MNF?

ok guys i give and i am sorry , i will never ever do it again. come heck or high water nor late night or early morning will i go to bed before the game is over ok ? i did get to see next morning on , ( i recorded it) but i know it isn't the same. sorry guys.
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