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Wide Receivers...

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 09-27-2005, 08:07 PM   #16
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Re: Wide Receivers...

Originally Posted by Ramseyfan
I totally agree. If Cooley steps it up, we should have a running game and a passing attack on both a short and deep level.

DISCLAIMER: I don't want to rehash the Brunell-Ramsey debate, but does anyone think that Brunell hasn't developed the chemistry with Cooley that Ramsey had? Ramsey looked to Cooley an awful lot and it seems like Cooley has been pretty quiet. Maybe things will turn around after a few weeks, but I'd like to see Cooley more involved in the offense's short-intermediate passing attack.
I've noticed that too. He seems to look in Thrash's direction more often when it comes to short/intermediate routes. One thing I like about Brunell over Ramsey is that Brunell is dumping it off to Portis, letting him use his legs for YAC.

I definitely want to see Cooley more involved in the attack.
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Re: Wide Receivers...

portis deserves atleast 50 catches, he will do them good
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Old 09-27-2005, 08:44 PM   #18
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Re: Wide Receivers...

Originally Posted by BigSKINBauer
cooley didn't do much with brunell last year, once ramsey came in his number went sky high

Ramsey and Cooley were great
I think (I hope) that we have not seen to much of Cooley because of the push to get the balls to our WR's downfield more. Now that teams will have to double up on Moss (maybe) Cooley will find deeper crossing routes and Brunnel will get him the ball.

Cooley has had a couple of nice catches and one bad drop. I loved the one catch in the Dallas game where he plowed over that guy for the first down and knocked his helment off.
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Re: Wide Receivers...

Originally Posted by BigSKINBauer
portis deserves atleast 50 catches, he will do them good

Absolutely right! Passes to Portis that are the checkdown after the eligible lineman are not what I'm talking about though. Plays designed for him to catch a ball out of the backfield would be great.
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