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The defense (MERGED)

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Old 10-05-2005, 01:41 AM   #46
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defence is having some problems.

GDUB is brilliant. he is getting his players to overachieve.


watching the seattle game i noticed a few flaws. Instead of Mixing up man and zone, we are primarily playing zone. our blitzes are coming from the same two positions(CORNER and STONGSIDE LB-washington delay blitz). We arent using taylor in an attacking mode. he was in coverage the whole game. too far from the line to make on impact on the running game.

I think williams is scared to play Harris and Rogers man to man. harris is a decent player but he looked great last year because he was facing the opposing teams #3 WR. rogers has alot of talent but is still a rookie(gave too much cusion last game). also, we are using our linebackers too much in coverage.

last game, seattle was killing us with sideline passes, engram would've been player of the month if he hadnt been injured. when we shifted our defence to cover the play(moved a linebacker in coverage), alexander started breaking runs on us.

I hope williams gets a little more exotic with his blitzes. play the corners in man to man, make them earn their money. give taylor and arrington a chance to make plays. they are 2 of the top 15 best athletes in the game. use them.

the D gave up 2 TD in the second half of the game. any good QB will be able to pick apart our defence if we stay in zone blitzing the same 2 players.

we have 1 int because we arent playing an attacking defence.

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Old 10-05-2005, 02:22 AM   #47
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Re: defence is having some problems.

You're right - the defense has been a little soft underneath.

I think in part because we've been juggling our secondary starters a bit. That along with very little pressure from the front four can change things.

But let's give some credit where credit is do also. Seattle's offense is no slouch - in fact, they came in with what, the number two rated offense in the league? Both of their starting receivers are in the top 5 in pass receptions, and Alexander is the leading rusher in the NFL after four weeks. Not bad!!

I think just like our offense, our defense is a work in progress. The true mastery of GW doesn't lie in how good statiscally our defense ranks, but rather how great he is at covering up otherwise deficiencies.

Who else could produce a top rated defense with two very average pass rushers on the ends, one stud of a linebacker,and a second year, hard hitting saftey who occasionally get's burned in coverages?

You put this guy in Philly and they would never lose a game.

Take heart my friend, we'll be fine! We're gonna throw some shit at Jake the Snake this week!

I think the key on offense will be to give Brunell a moving pocket to buy time against their blitzing defense - these guys can bring it from everywhere. And we have to disrupt their running early. Once we get Plummer into third downs, very predictable passing situations, we can force him to make some mistakes and force some throws.
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Old 10-05-2005, 09:30 AM   #48
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Re: defence is having some problems.

I agree the defense has been giving up the underneath stuff the past 2 games, but against Bledsoe and Hassehback that's what you want to give up... You don't see Taylor at the line or blitzing because Glenn, Crayton, Jackson, Engram have the ability to get behind CB with consistency so it's not worth taking that risk.. I think vs. Devner since they only have one deep threat (Lelie) and Jake the Fake who's not known for making quick good decisions you'll see more attack style and Taylor making more of an impact..
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