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Did We Run A Hurry Up Offense Last Sunday?

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 10-22-2005, 11:36 PM   #1
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Did We Run A Hurry Up Offense Last Sunday?

I 'm sorry for posting this late,but I taped the game sunday cause i was at my moms cutting up tree's(thanks hurricane rita),and i didnt listen to any scores on the 2 hr drive home,so when i got home i fast forwarded the tape between plays and it seemed to me that it didnt take that long to get to the next play,it wasnt no huddle,but it seemed like they were in a hurry up offense and i thought it was the best we looked all yr,was that my imagination?
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Re: Did We Run A Hurry Up Offense Last Sunday?

Yes it was a hurry-up offense towards the end of the game. It may have been a no-huddle, I'm not sure.
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Re: Did We Run A Hurry Up Offense Last Sunday?

Speaking of hurry-up, I wonder why teams don't do more of this:

During a college game I was watching some time ago, on second down, if the offense didn't get the first down, the team got a signal from the coaches "to go quick" -- usually with some type of hand signal. If it was 3rd and 1 or 2, right after the second down play was run the offense would quickly lineup and snap the ball as fast as they could before the defense was able to get their 3rd down personnel on the field. There would be a play ready that the whole team would be aware of in preparation for the game, for just that type of scenario. It was an especially valuable play in the second half of a tight game, that could force the opposing defense to use a time-out.

Kansas City used a lot of the no-huddle against the Skins last week because they knew Washington's defense likes to use multiple personnel for different down-and-distance situations.
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