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Quick Snyder related laugh

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 10-24-2005, 03:42 PM   #16
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Re: Quick Snyder related laugh

I wish I was as close to Dan Snyder as the rest of you guys. Sure he seems real mean but then at least I'd know the owner of the Redskins personally like you all.
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Re: Quick Snyder related laugh

I hated Nolan's defense and could not wait for them to fire him. But if that's true it is reprehensible. That behavior is everything thats wrong with Snyder. I hope he has learned his lessons and will not do things like that in the future. If he did that to GW he would probably get his arse kicked...
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Re: Quick Snyder related laugh

Originally Posted by LadyT
That was great!

Snyder has always struck me as a "small, small man". No, not talking about stature, but about the type of person he is. For all his wealth, he still reacts like a 5-year old child. He should not be meddling in what his coaches are doing.

The donkey would have been priceless, assuming, of course, that Nolan was ready to resign.

Snyder is in such awe of Gibbs that he wouldn't dare pull anything remotely similar with Gibbs or his staff. I doubt that Snyder even meddles at all and that's great.

I still chuckle during every game, remembering his edict to the networks not to show his owner's box on TV. I think he was filmed once, during the Dallas game, after our two last-minute scores. What a monumental ego to insist that the TV camera not pan his box!

I betcha Gibbs doesn't allow Snyder in the locker room - especially during half time!
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