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My 1st anti-coaching thread

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: My 1st anti-coaching thread

I am not taking up for Gibbs and his staff by no means. But I wanted to try and explain why it appears we run the same plays. The Gibbs and Co. coaching staff rely on confusing defenses by running different plays from the same formation. Play action, guard and tackle pulls, traps, guts, all of those plays from the same formation. Problem is, when they dont work we cant run anything else from that formation. When the calls are working, we run a very effective offense. As seen early in the season against Denver, KC, Tampa. But as defesive coaches figure out what they are doing they prepare for it. We have not done a good job a adjusting ourselves. Defensively, I am disappointed in the lack of adjusting GW has done. It is painfully obvious that teams have come up with ways to block hits complicated blitzes. Yet he continues to put our players in bad positions at the end of the game. Although we played fairly well against Oakland and San Diego, they still gave up a big play at the end of the game. And again it was on a blitz call. When LT hit the hole, No LBs were to be found because they were behind him and the safetys were blizing. leaving clark one on one, and LT will win that battle 99% of the time. We have been out coached lately, not out played
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Re: My 1st anti-coaching thread

Originally Posted by Ramseyfan
Normally I'd agree with you. But whom exactly was Brunell supposed to hit for big plays? The phantom wideout deep the secondary or to Moss who is getting doubled?

As has been pointed out before by TAFKAS and others, last week people were saying Gibbs was dumb for not running out the clock in a very similar game. This week, Gibbs is dumb for trying to run the clock out.
So It gets picked off ...at least they have to respect that! And Hell a 40 - 50 yard punt is better than our punter could do yesterday
Run or Pass and Score ..We Want Alot More!!!!
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