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I'm Done Watching The Skins This Year

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Old 11-29-2005, 03:43 PM   #31
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Re: I'm Done Watching The Skins This Year

its one thing to say the season is over, look at what we can do next year and such but to stop watching and start watching the COLTS because they are garanteed to win the super bowl!!!!!!!!!!! I don't understand this, football season is SO short, if you give up on your team now you have to wait 9 more months till another game. I value every game, the highs and the lows, I seriously love this team and i can't believe that some are saying that they are gonna watch the COLTS because they WILL win the superbowl(i first off don't believe that and think the broncos will but that to the side i still have hope for the my skins), how is it fun to root for a team if you know they will win???

Now i hope you didn't mean that watching the colts win nearly meaningless games for them as they will finish at worst 14-2 with homefield advantage than to watch your washington redskins fight for a chance to go to the playoffs, AND I TELL YOU once we make the playoffs, which we will, we are gonna fight there too. WE have beat tough teams in this conference, bears, seahawks, cowboys, went head to head with the bucs!, why the hell can't we take that to the playoffs if we make it. Its one thing to give up and another thing to spend your time watching another team.

c'mon now you didn't mean that did you??????? us fans can't cave in like this, i know you didn't mean it, you couldn't have
"For there is nothing half so glorious
As to see our team victorious"

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Old 11-29-2005, 04:29 PM   #32
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Talking Re: I'm Done Watching The Skins This Year

Who cares about the Colts ?! They're boring !!! I'd take the Skins any day.

Remember how depressing it was watching the 'boys winning in Dallas, until the very end? Two quick TDs and Bam, Game Over, Skins WIN. It ain't over yet. They just need to get a little more creative on offense.

Here's to a 10-6 Finish .
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Old 11-29-2005, 07:42 PM   #33
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Re: I'm Done Watching The Skins This Year

Originally Posted by BigSKINBauer
its one thing to say the season is over, look at what we can do next year and such but to stop watching and start watching the COLTS because they are garanteed to win the super bowl!!!!!!!!!!!
That's got fair-weather fans written all over it. Posers.
"Fire Up That Diesel!"
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Old 11-30-2005, 10:10 AM   #34
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Re: I'm Done Watching The Skins This Year

Guys, I am not a fair weather fan. I have been watching the Skins since 1979, so I have seen the highs and the lows of our team, but nothing the Skins have done in the last month tells me they will win more than 1 or 2 more games. I am tired of having my heart broken every week, watching our team give away the game. Let Gibbs coach the first 3 quarters and then have him call me in the 4th, because we are playing horrible 4th Qtr Football! There is no way we make the playoffs with this team! Maybe the team that played the first few weeks of the season could make the playoffs, but the Skins are not that team any more. Something has changed, they are too hurt or something and they make dumb mistakes now. Maybe I will watch some this weekend, but I will not let my emotions show up as I watch, because this team can give up a lead faster than anything I have ever seen. As far as my Colts statement goes......You have to admit, the Colts don't play dumb football like our team does. You have to play perfect football to beat them. All you have to do with the Skins, is wait for them to implode! The Skins don't beat anyone any more, they let everyone "hang around" so that we can all get stressed out more.

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