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The Day After

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Old 11-28-2005, 09:00 PM   #1
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The Day After

It's funny how time kind of calms the nerves. I must apologize for being so down about our defense yesterday. They did play alot better, but still made mistakes during crucial points of the game. The offense - much of the same. They made some great plays and not so great plays. While I feel it's not right to even hint about the playoffs, I feel it is equally wrong to say this team is done for this season. There is still five games left to play. The Redskins will be in every single one of them, that much I do feel confident in.

I am still going to be rooting the Redskins on. I'm still going to have faith and patience in this coaching staff and this franchise. When this coaching staff steps away and realizes even they can't turn this team around, then I will accept the fact that they were also the wrong answer. Until that point, like Petitbone, Turner, Schottenheimer, and Sprurrier, I will support this coaching staff until the end. We all want to win now, or at least be guaranteed that we will win soon - but football is not a game of guarantees. Any given Sunday, any team can be beaten - that is probably the only guarantee football gives us. We are not guaranteed Gibbs is the answer, but I believe with the success and knowledge he possesses, we're better off than what we have been in recent years.

I can tell you this. I would rather it take a coaching staff, any coaching staff, 3 to 5 years to build a team into a championship caliber team that is strong for years to come, rather than a coaching staff who builds a team into a quick,flash in the pan paper champion, only to drop back into the basement the next year. Sure, we've taken alot of trash talk and smack from other team's fans, other teams, and especially the media. We probably deserved it! But, I believe what goes around comes around - and eventually, the first becomes last and the last becomes first!

We've all had high expectations of this team. I am at the very top of that list. It is heartbreaking to have those expectations year in and year out, only to be bitterly disappointed each year. But ya know, for most of us, we come back each season to watch this team play football - whether to root for them optimistically or pessimistically. I think all of us ultimately want what is best for this team; though we disagree far too often as to what is best for this team. I do think this team isn't too far away from turning the corner, but it is just taking longer than what our expectations have allowed us to believe.
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Old 11-28-2005, 09:50 PM   #2
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Re: The Day After

I must say that I do in fact take these last few losses, well all the losses, personally. It really does suck because I know thats its just a business and that I have absolutely no control over a win or a loss. I've had season tiks for the past 2 years, I was at the last home playoff game, I spend my hard earned money or redskins merchandise year in and year out, and I like many others, have a dedicated redskins room in my house. I do want a winning team in DC make that a winning FOOTBALL team in DC and agree that I would much rather have a team that builds for and sets up a run at staying consistant. I believe that Gibbs is the guy who will more than likely get us there eventually. The past two years sure have been hard to stomach. I guess all that I am tryin to say is that the skins will return to glory it just takes a coach a few years. We all probably know in the back of our minds that we aren't going to win the superbowl this year. Would losing in the wild card game make anyone more happy than not making the playoffs at all?
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Old 11-28-2005, 10:14 PM   #3
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Re: The Day After

No need for apologies skinsguy, I don't recall you being rude or obnoxious. We disagreed about a few things, but it would be really boring if we didn't have different opinions about things. And the frustration is definately understandable, I think we are all frustrated to varying degrees. Thoughtful and nice post though.
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