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Where is the negativity???

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 12-09-2005, 11:12 AM   #61
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Re: Where is the negativity???

Originally Posted by Ramseyfan
We probably won't go 10-6 (yes, I noticed you said "IF"). But, I honestly think that we will have made a statement by going 9-7. Hell, we'll make a statement by just going 8-8 with the 2nd toughest schedule in the league.

Remember that we haven't had a winning season since 1999. Remember that we haven't had a .500 team since 2000. Remember, Don Banks called us the worst 3-0 team in the history of the NFL. Also remember that Dr. Z said that we would win 5 games this year. Remember that we lost our #2 and #3 wideouts. Remember that people said we made more of a statement by winning close games to Denver and Kansas City than beating the NFC North leading Bears, NFC West leading Seahawks, and the Cowboys.
I agree with you Ramseyfan! I think we are at the tip of the iceburg....we just need a little more to get us over the line!
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Re: Where is the negativity???

Don't be surprised if we are 7-9.
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Re: Where is the negativity???

Originally Posted by canthetuna
Well, I do have alot of hope for the season... If we have the momentum of running the table at the end of the year and go to the playoffs... our problems will have been fixed by then..., and I say that because it would take fixing all of our problems in order to win out. We beat the cowboys in 4 minutes of football... I wouldn't rely on that happening again, and they're playing alot better now. Did you see what they did with Tomlinson??

Do you mean they are playing better by in the last six games 3-3 record or dropping the last two games. Or the limited games they have won convincingly all year with the exception of a few like the Arizona game or you could be talking about where they also got beat up and down the field by Philadelphia and played for the last four minutes and pulled out a victory similar to us or the manner they lost to Denver with a very comparable score and outcome as us. Glad you feel the Cowboys are playing so much better but you feel your own team is playing so bad, in comes the negativity that the post is about. I did see what they did to Thomlinson 19 for 72 with 1 TD, the reason he did not have more is at the beginning of the year if you remember how San Diego was criticized for not throwing one pass to Thomlinson or incorporating their best player the first 2 or 3 weeks. I think you may have had it mixed up with what the Eagles did to him which was 17 carries for 7 yards and 4 rec for 26.
I also get caught up in the Redskins and the mistakes, but if we watch some of these other teams that we say will beat us they have similar records, similar problems, etc... I know it is frustrating to see our beloved Redskins lose, but if you put things in perspective there are really only two teams in the whole NFL that are far above anyone else and that would be the Colts and questionable the Bengals. The rest of the teams we can and many should have beaten (Denver and Tampa Kill me). Parity in the NFL is a bitch for the fans, especially those who have watched the Skins of the 80's and 90's and football from that time period when Dynasties and a predictable NFL was rampant. If we had Snyder back in the day before salary cap we would win every Super Bowl, we would have the best talent unquestionable that Gibbs and his staff could handle and keep them for years and years.
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