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Here we go again: rumor of Gibbs walking away

Redskins Locker Room

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Re: Here we go again: rumor of Gibbs walking away

Originally Posted by mheisig
I call shiatty journalism. Some moron sportswriter making vague references to unsubstaniated rumours in an effort to drum up some readers. Ah crap, looks like it worked.

Speaking of crummy writing, anyone read the article on Sportsline by Clark Judge the other day about the formula to beat the Colts? Judge had a detailed outline that covered the necessary steps of making sure drives ended with points, taking away the Colt's playmakers, and limiting the Colt's points. That's just a brilliant, insider look at how to beat the Colts...or the usual formula for beating ANY NFL team ANY Sunday of the season. You could boil his entire piece of journalistic drivel down to this scintillating piece of advice: "Score more points than the Colts and you'll win!"

/end rant

Article in question: "Yes, the Colts can be beaten; here's how to do it "
I had a "vision" that the Redskins played the Colts in the superbowl and won...
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Re: Here we go again: rumor of Gibbs walking away

stupid writers making us stupid
"For there is nothing half so glorious
As to see our team victorious"

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Re: Here we go again: rumor of Gibbs walking away

Let's not forget, Joe Gibbs has a profound respect for the fans of the Washington Redskins. He mentions frequently how much the fans mean to him personally. Just think about the RFK days like I do, and then think about the win in Dallas and you say this man is a rare human being with an indominable spirit. I truly love and respect Joe Gibbs.
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