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Moss, not a factor

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 12-11-2005, 06:44 AM   #16
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Re: Moss, not a factor

I'm sick and tired of Anthony Chance's posts. Everyone has the freedom of speech, blah blah, but come on. Join an Eagles thread from last season or a Colts thread now. Save the selfdoubting bs til we're officially out of the playoffs. Like I said before go heavy pet with Sally Jenkins... Moss has 1000 yds... Portis 1000 yds.... Still you doubt their authenticity? Bogus. Tired of your empty purse falling on the keyboard. Redskins win out and Anthony is booted??? Seems like a fair bet?
GO SKINS!!! ^21^
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Re: Moss, not a factor

Originally Posted by That Guy
moss can beat double coverages and even triples, but brunell is VERY hesitant to throw him the ball with other jerseys around him and that's part of the problem (as well as the lack of ANY threats outside cooley, who's slow).
That Guy is right on. Brunell just doesn't want to force anything, and you kind of have to if you want Santana to get the ball. That's the difference between he and Delhomme. Jake doensn't think twice before launching it up for Smith to come down with it. Chad Johnson has all kinds of weapons around him. It will take time, and we'll get him the ball when we need to. I just don't see why we run screens to receivers other than Moss when the man almost guarantees you a first down on every touch. I wish Brunell would just stick it in there more, though, especially after Santana proved he can still come down with it in triple coverage.
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Old 12-11-2005, 11:21 AM   #18
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Re: Moss, not a factor

with the way portis is starting to run,the play calling will get even more conservative,but these are the games that are won by PLAYOFF teams.but the one thing i do agree with,taking more chances downfield(i.e. see moss)
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Old 12-11-2005, 11:34 AM   #19
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Re: Moss, not a factor

Santana Moss has over achieved in my book. No one expected his contribution to be as impactful as it has been. Secondly, everyone keeps saying we don't have a #2 wideout. Maybe not on paper,but Cooley is putting up the numbers that a #2 would be expected to catch. Not only is Cooley the best receiver behind Moss, he advances 5 to 10 yards after the catch. Something that was nonexistent with Gardner and Coles. Next if you look at our offense there are several targets that we should continue to use. Portis is a good a receiver as he is a runner. He is an all-purpose back that can force the issue in the flat. Secondly, Mike Sellers has proven he can block, catch and run the ball in the redzone. Robert Royal will continue to make big plays if he stays healthy.

When I look at it. Moss will get the big plays when the running game and short passes are successful. Until then, we need to keep throwing it to him near the sidelines and watch him smoke the opposition with Cooley blocking.
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