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Tony McGee: Redskins vs. Cardinals

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Tony McGee: Redskins vs. Cardinals

Former NFL great Tony McGee sat down with TheWarpath.net front office Tuesday morning and answered some TheWarpath.net questions about the Redskins 17-13 win over the Arizona Caridinals. Please be sure to visit http://www.tonymcgeeplus.com and watch Tony McGee's Pro Football Plus Saturdays at 11:30 am on Comcast SportsNet and DirecTV to see Tony and his panel of guests answer "TheWarpath.net Question of the Week". This week's question is "Do the Redskins Need a General Manager?" Ok, let's get started with Tony's thoughts here:

Don't have much time to talk today. So I'll have to be brief. This was a competitive game, as I felt it would be with our defense and their offense. I felt that once again we didn't take advantage of several opportunities. We moved the ball downfield and then we'd turn it over. And I didn't like that we abandoned the run. We came out running and got some positive gains out of it, I would have liked to have seen us stick with it more throughout the game.

Very happy to see Antonio Brown get that big kick return. He has that breakaway speed to make a big play every time he touches the ball. He doesn't need to score a TD each time, but his ability to get good field position is a positive for the Special Teams. More importantly, it provides better opportunities for the offense. And that builds up the offense's confidence. I would like to see Antonio Brown in there at wide receiver to stretch the field, even if they just use him as a decoy. Taylor Jacobs has completely disappeared. He's not providing Brunell with any help. If he's covered when he runs his route, he's not running back to the ball to help out. He's become a non-factor.

As for Brunell, you don't make any switch at QB. It's too far into the season to make a change that isn't injury related. Yes, he has struggled some but it hasn't been all his fault. Like I said a few weeks back, losing Patten and Thrash really hurts. And expect to see Brunell's numbers continue to stay down as they won't be passing much the next several games. They need to run to win their next three games. If Brunell has to pass a lot, then it's not a good sign for the Redskins.

This is the biggest game in at least the last 4 years. It's Dallas Week. Let me just give you my perspective from a former Redskin as to what Dallas Week means. As a former player, it's nice to see this mean something again. Not just two rivals, but two teams battling for the playoffs. When I was with the Redskins, the Skins and Cowboys showdowns would usually be a battle for playoff position. The winner usually securing the NFC East and possibly homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. That's what made Dallas Week truly special. Joe Gibbs wouldn't hype the game as this is Dallas we're playing. Instead, it was this is the best team out there that we're playing....oh and by the way it's Dallas. This time around it's a battle for a playoff berth. We have a lot of other teams to contend with, but I think if we win this we should be in the driver's seat.

Sorry I couldn't get into more detail this week. Talk to you guys next week.

Tony McGee's NFL career started in 1971 where he was a starting defensive end for the Chicago Bears. In 1974, Tony began a 7 year stint with the New England Patriots and earned the nickname, "Mac the Sack." His unique ability to swarm opposing quarterbacks helped coin the phrase, "designated pass rusher." Tony's career as a Washington Redskin began in 1982, and included a Super Bowl championship. Tony ended his spectacular career in 1985 with 106 career sacks and played in over 200 games -- a feat achieved only by a select group of NFL defensive linemen.
For more information visit http://www.tonymcgeeplus.com
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