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How to Beat the G-Men

Redskins Locker Room

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Old 12-20-2005, 11:45 AM   #46
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Re: How to Beat the G-Men

Originally Posted by offiss
The obvious is stop Tiki, but having watched Eli, I would flood him with the blitz, he's a QB who would rather throw it up for grabs than give up a sack, I would then put Taylor on Buress, Taylor is the one player that can man up on such a big WR and intimidate him, and jump with him, take away both those options at all costs and I believe the rest of our defense can stop anything else the G-men throw at us, I do believe that Washington can man up with Shockey, we have the players on defense to shut them down, I also think our right side will be much tougher against the run with Griffen in there.

On offense, well I would probably attack there outside with the run, this would be the one game I believe Gibbs should put a blocking back in the backfield with Portis, [probably Cooley] I would then put Sellars in motion and have him earhole there ends all day long to seal the outside, then with a blocking back in front of him let Portis do his thing on the outside against smaller defenders. The Giants biggest threat on defense is their ends, they both can really disrupt the offensive flow, I would have Sellars cracking back on them and just pound on them all game to ware them out. After a few series of that they will worry more about Sellars drilling them from the side than getting upfield then we can start passing. I probably would rather have Sellars in the backfield leading the play, but only if we have a player who can really pound their ends, I don't know if Cooley packs that kind of wolup, possibly Kozlowski.

I believe the rest will take care of itself.
Actually sounds like a very good gameplan. I'm not especially worried about their linebacking corps with Pierce out. Osi and Strahan are their biggest threats obviously and as you said, cracking back on them would take them right out of the game.
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Old 12-20-2005, 02:12 PM   #47
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Re: How to Beat the G-Men

Originally Posted by HolyLandSkinsFan
When coaches play against former players they have a great advantage.

We beat Dallas twice because of Williams and the fact that he used to coach Bledsoe.

Remember how we said that Pierce used to do all the defensive play calling for the skins.

The reason that the giants beat us is because they knowor defensive playbook.

The only way that we can beat them is if we change up the D completely for one game and trick them.

I'm concerned about this game.
Hm thats right, I totally forgot about that. They know our defensive setups, that must have helped them. Plus didn't they know our offensive plays too via Tim Hassleback? I could be wrong, but I am too lazy to look up their roster right now.
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Old 12-20-2005, 02:33 PM   #48
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Re: The G-Men and what we need to do agaisnt them to win.

Originally Posted by Schneed10
I'd like to add that Salavea'a deserves a lot of credit here too. Griffin is awesome because he tends to turn his blocker and get past him to the RB. Salavea'a goes a little more unnoticed because he basically is just the immovable object. He doesn't always penetrate and make a stop in the backfield, but if you watch him during a run play, you see he never gets moved. No matter how big a guy he's going against, he always holds his ground. It's great, it's like having a giant boulder right in the middle of the line on every play. Him and Griffin deserve so much credit, they are like rocks that can't be moved, and it allows the LBs to go make the tackles. With both of these guys healthy, Barber isn't going anywhere, I'm convinced Tiki is going to be shut down like nobody's business.

Question is, can we run on the Giants without Randy Thomas? We're going to have to change a lot of our running schemes because Ray Brown can't pull like Thomas could.
I love big Joe S. He is a "classic" Redskin.
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Old 12-21-2005, 05:20 AM   #49
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Re: How to Beat the G-Men

Yea I am definately worried about Ray Brown and if he can hold up. Nothing agaisnt him, he is a warrior, but in some of the past games he has played in it doesn't seem like he did too well.
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Old 12-21-2005, 06:14 AM   #50
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Re: How to Beat the G-Men

I would do the crack back thing like Offiss talked about on the side that Ray Brown is on as to help him out...
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Old 12-21-2005, 09:47 AM   #51
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Re: The G-Men and what we need to do agaisnt them to win.

Originally Posted by wewhite3
Tiki is garbage, hes a overrated running back, running behind a great line.......no if and or buts about it.....
Overrated or not, great line or not, he accounts for a larger percentage of his team's offense than any other player in the NFL. Sounds pretty moronic to just ignore someone like that - just like it'd be stupid to ignore Edgerrin James, Steve Smith, Rudi Johnson or any of the others.

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Old 12-21-2005, 09:55 AM   #52
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Re: How to Beat the G-Men

There is no way Tiki is garbage or overrated. He's running behind a great line?? Give me a break. They've got backups playing in a couple of spots.
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