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We can clinch a playoff spot this week (I think)

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Old 12-20-2005, 06:07 PM   #16
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Re: We can clinch a playoff spot this week (I think)

Originally Posted by BigSKINBauer
yeah all of a sudden it hit me for some reason. last year we went 5-1 outside of our division and inside the NFC but this year in the NFC we might go 10-2. Man think if we just won some f'n AFC games. How many in a row have we lost? 10-11?

yea it's definately frustrating when you think about all those afc losses but too me, it;s even more frustrating think about the two nfc losses. if the skins could have beat the giants or the bucs they would really be sitting pretty right know.
Hail to Allen/Shanahan .... bring in some baby hogs and load up on diesel fuel !!! (budw38)
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Re: We can clinch a playoff spot this week (I think)

how about winning the last 2 games and doing it the old fashion way,by earning it!
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Re: We can clinch a playoff spot this week (I think)

Originally Posted by BigSKINBauer
no the vikings don't(they have already beat an AFC team and we haven't so if we tie it is fact that they would have won more AFC games than us). by the way where are the cowboys in that equation. I hope us both make it and we both make it to the championship game. The chances of that isn't that small. All that has to happen is the cowboys win out, the falcons WIN WIN WIN ONE and the vikings lose one(i am not even sure if that has to happen but i think it does) and you will get sixth seed and skins will get 5th. I THINK. Carolina will be served a loss by you if you win out and if atlanta beats either Carolina or tampa you will get tie breaker over those two teams i think(not sure about Tampa) so you will be in.
The only way possible for Dallas to back into the play-offs is for Dallas to win the last two, if they loose one of them, its all over. Next, Washington has to loose one of the last two, or Minnesota must loose one of thier last two. Atlanta is of no consequence to Dallas, because even if Atlanta wins out and has a 10-6 record, Dallas owns the tie-breaker over them with a better conference record.

So if Dallas wins out, and Washington OR Minnesota wins out, then Dallas is eliminated. Dallas will be playing for thier playoff lives this Saturday in Carolina. Even if Dallas, Washington and Minnesota all three loose on Saturday, Dallas is still eliminated.

Needless to say I am not too hopeful that all of those scenarios fall into place.
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