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2017 Redskins Salary Cap Status

Salary Cap Central

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Re: 2017 Redskins Salary Cap Status

Originally Posted by FrenchSkin View Post
About salary cap, I have a hard time understanding something:

Joe Theismann was on Cooley and Kevin (without Cooley) the other day, and, while being optimistic about the chances of KC signing a LTD this year, he made the point that next year we'll have plenty of players to sign (Pryor, Brown, Foster, Murphy, Breeland, Galette, Lauvao, Blackmon... 11 of them) so the Redskins can not afford to break the bank to sign KC. Kevin backed him up on that point.

I get it.

But. If we don't sign him, didn't Bruce said they were ready to tag him a third time?

Wouldn't that be even more hurtful to our cap?

If not, we saved some cap, great, but what are our options at QB?

I sure hope a blockbuster trade would not be in the range of possibilities...
I think it's unlikely we sign all 11. But regardless of that it's absolutely true that a long term deal, even one that is closer to KC's number than the Skins number would have less consequence than tagging him next year.
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Re: 2017 Redskins Salary Cap Status

Originally Posted by Bangee7 View Post
Agree about the higher tag for next year, definitely gives us less money.

Regarding the 11 players in their last year....I think we have potential replacements for many of them already under contract on our roster. Our draft this year did address much of those concerns (CB-Moreau, G/C- Roullier, OLB- Anderson).
True that we definitely don't need to sign all 11 of them !


Gawd sign him already...

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