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Re: Redskins Salary Cap Status 2019

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
The OP was updated to reflect the Ereck Flowers and DRC additions.

They continue to sit here with $12M in cap space, and we continue to see no news on the Brandon Scherff extension negotiations. I'm personally frustrated by both of those items.

There are still some helpful players out there, and here we sit with cap space going unused, and one of our best players going into the final year of his contract.
I think others have mentioned that, historically, we do extensions in the summer. During his interview with JP yesterday, Bruce said that these things generally get done around NFL deadlines, so I don't think you should worry.

Really, there is any pressing reason to get a deal done now. There are no free agents out there worth spending big money on, so we don't NEED the additional cap space a Scherff extension would provide.

It also makes sense to wait until after the draft and post-June 1 cuts before extending him. Its entirely possible that during the draft, some team makes us a fantastic trade offer that involves Scherff. Or the draft plays out in such a way that a very talented guard is the BPA on our boards by a wide margin - possibly more than once. Or there is a surprise cut after the draft or June 1 of a player who is only slightly less talented than Scherff who can be had for half the cost. Or Scherff could get hurt working out.

These are just scenarios that make it wise to wait. If something doesn't get done by July/August, then we can start wondering if maybe the skins don't want to extend him or Scherff doesn't want to be here. But its way too early to get worried.
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