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Re: Redskins Roster Cuts 2019

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
Due to getting some undrafted free agents and very low draft picks (like Terry Quinn who was a 7th rounder) in the WR group is the reason that group has come back. Getting a walk-on to make the roster, much less become a premium player, is a freaking miracle.

Steve Sims- undrafted
Terry Quinn - 7th round
Harmon - 6 th round

Of course the Redskins will claim it was all part of the plan for WR. But whether it was because we thought the players like DJax or Garçon or Crowder were getting too expensive or too old it was pretty much blind luck that we rebuilt the WR group this year.

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None of these guys has had an NFL catch yet. Great promise, yes. Established WR come back, not yet.

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