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Re: Malice at Dallas Post Game

Originally Posted by Chief X_Phackter View Post
Well, if the strong point of the offense is the running back that leads all NFL running backs in fumbles...ok you got me. I'll give you McKissic, but after him - they suck.

The WRs would be a whole lot better if they had a QB that didn't throw lollipop jump balls all night. Usually it's a miraculous catch that bails Heinicke out. Rarely does he hit his WRs in stride. I mean how many interceptions has he thrown to a lineman this year...

There's a reason McLaurin leads the league in contested catches. He's always having to adjust his route to go get the bad ball his QB just threw him.

The strongest point of this offense has been the O-line, despite all the injuries, but even that is starting to break down of late.

Gibson is a stud he just has to fix the fumbles..

Sad part for Terry is , heís Nationally underrated because of his shit QBs.

You are right about TH, every time he throws the ball downfield it looks like itís the weakest floater ever. That dude has zero zip to his passes. Time to play Allen the rest of the season just for fucks sake

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