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Re: Eagles @ WTF 2.0 post game thread

Exciting 1st half, typical 2nd half.

Some of the good:

- 9/15 on 3rd D conversion
- 5.1 yds per play
- Oxon Hill native Jaret Patterson rushed 12 carries/57 yds/4.8 per w 1 td

- Defense ALMOST held on goal line stands; Eagles had it 1st and goal at our 5 and 1st goal at our 4 ... unfortunately they went for it on both 4th downs and got both. Ealges were 2/2 in RZ.


Cole Holcomb makes this defense better when he is in there. Not saying much bc the guys behind him are below avg players but, given our personnel, he does make this D better.

Jamin Davis with low snap count.

Jalen Hurts is not a starting QB in this league. It kills me he has beat us twice.
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