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Re: WFT Free Agency Plan

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
Hope everyone is well, new free agency thread time

So whatís on your Skins Free Agent shopping list? What areas of the team should we focus, what area should we wait see if we can get value as free agency opens?

RR made it clear that WFT will make an early run at top FA's. To me, that says Kenny Golladay and/or Anthony Harris. Those players would both cost a ton.

To me itís easy...speed, versatility and play making ability on offense. Character and guys who love football should be included in team building. After pulling a foolish, tard move of applying 2nd tag to a guard ensuring the last year of him being in a Skin uniform, there is still some money to spend. Here are my priorities based on available talent:

Receivers. I want speed and the ability to play outside and slot. I also think rather than pay no 1 money, focus on guys who would compliment Terry...I think he is developing as that no 1.

Curtis Samuel would be my target if we can keep it under 10 mil per year. Has played in and outside, fast and has the scheme versatility.

IMO Samuel is one of the most versatile and effective players in the NFL. He's a perfect fit for our Offense. Also, he runs a 4.3 forty and he's only 24 years old.

Others I like as fall back: Nelson Agholor, Marvin Jones...guys I would stay away from Fuller (injury) and Corey Davis has way too much risk to pay big.

No thanks to the fall back guys.

Tight End: Gerald Everett would be my target. Affordable, athletic option who blocks and catches. The biggest thing lackin in our scheme is not being able to play 2 TE sets (12 personnel). I draft another TE as well.

I agree with you that Everett could be very good addition for our team. He averaged over 10 yards per catch which is huge for a TE. He's only 26 which is a good thing for a building team.

Fallback: Jonnu Smith if the money is right. U canít go crazy here and we have too many needs, and TN letting him walk should raise eyebrows.

OK, if you must.

2nd Running Back: Iím shocked at the lack of talk across the league about the solid crop of free agent backs with an upcoming draft that seems lacking in the position. Iíd like to get a solid back to put behind Gibson..when he went out it hurt. Iím not spending big money, but looking for value.
Target: Mike Davis, K Drake
Fallback: Conner or Lindsey

I too think we could use another RB. Kenyan Drake is the easy choice for me. He's a do-it-all player who scored 10 times last season.

Free Safety: Target: Tre Boston, Iíve been talking about him for like 3 years. Vet, affordable and can play single high.

MLB: Target: Anthony Walker Jr. is someone I would look hard at. I wouldnít mind adding him to the group if the money is right. Itís a value add and Iím still planning on drafting LB high in draft.

Corner: Re sign Darby Or pay a Vet a one year deal. This is a position in the draft Iím planning on grabbing talent as well mid rounds.

QB...Iím staying away for now. Not desperate

Who you got?

If it were up to me, I'd try to sign Anthony Harris and Curtis Samuel just as soon as possible because I think they would be the best FA fits (a.k.a. difference makers) for our team.
See my response above.
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