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Re: Cody Latimer arrested for assault and firearms charges - WHOOPS

While this might help explain his actions, it does not justify them, either from a legal perspective or from the perspective of whether or not he should be on the roster.

Unless acting in self defense (or in self defense of another human being), the appropriate response is not to go firing a gun at people. This was at an apartment complex. Errant bullets could have killed others in the room or in neighboring units. It is criminal behavior.

We should be living in a civilized society. The appropriate response to a crime (real or perceived), whether that be someone running from an empty house under construction or the alleged abuse of a child, is not to get your guns and confront someone. The appropriate response is to call the police and let them deal with it. Vigilante justice has no place in Our society, especially when the behavior could harm innocent people nearby.

From the teams perspective, Latimores not a good football player. His role here was as a 5thWR/veteran leader. We have a lot of young players on this team and latimore has proven heís not role model material. As a human being, i can relate to a degree and and I hope the criminal justice system allows him some leniency if warranted, but I donít want guys like this on my team.

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