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Re: Alex Smith Cut

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
Why would you doubt this?

Ron said he had a very frank and honest discussion with Alex. Which, as you can imagine, probably went something along the lines of we don't see you as a starter anymore, we're looking for someone younger who can grow along with this young team, and you no longer have the mobility. Your availability at the end of the season makes us uneasy about committing to you as a starter this year.

But we know you can still play in this league and we'd consider you as a backup at a reduced cost. But we're not going to keep you at your current salary.

That's probably where Alex said thanks for being honest but I want a shot to play so probably best if you released me. They probably shook hands and went their separate ways.
Oh, I can see that happening, I was just thinking in context of the article indicating Smith wasn't happy with his treatment last week, this statement seemed a bit of a contrast to that earlier view. OTOH I can see how writers slant stories to make them more contentious than the truth...
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