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Re: WFT 2021 Pre-Season Games Thread

Originally Posted by Chief X_Phackter View Post
This is 100% how I feel. I have zero concerns about the defense at this point, other than - how much are they going to be on the field...? It is now 19 out of 20 games now that Turner's offense hasn't even lucked into a first possession TD. It's pitiful. Yeah, we haven't seen C Samuel (also could be concerning), and it's preseason, but the whole body of work since he was brought on as the OC isn't impressive.

The starting offense must be really balling out on the practice field for the staff to feel comfortable with what they (we) have seen from them in the preseason games. They (players/coaches) are all eluding to this when asked about it. I hope it is reality.

Yeah, to me, the offense is concerning.
If the defense wants to be considered elite it will have to stop the run. Iím not convinced we can consistently.
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