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Re: Postgame Falcons

Originally Posted by MTK View Post
Smith is a QB that needs a running game and he needs more weapons. Hes never been a guy that can beat you dropping back 40 times a game.
That's it, IMO. People who are gnashing teeth about what this receiver or tight end can't do just need to look at who Smith is as a QB. He's not one to elevate who's around him. He's an okay/steady QB, and if surrounded by the "right" personnel will excel.

Cousins may have thrown more picks by now than Smith, but he'd be able to elevate the play of his personnel.

Yesterday's loss didn't have much of anything to do with Smith. Of course, it's a team game and the offense certainly didn't do enough, but with the penalties, injuries to our O-line, poor play from our ILBs and safeties in the run game (ILBs played poorly in the run and passing game), and the lack of ability to adjust to what's happening in front in them re: Gruden and Manusky, then yesterday is what you got.
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