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Re: Who will be the next coach of the Redskins and does it even freakin matter?

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
If true, disappointing...Eric Beniemy is the only legit candidate. Todd Bowles did not look like a HC, awesome coordinator, piss poor HC. Heís defensives werenít good in NY and thatís a huge problem
We're on the same page.

Reid and Belichick are two of the top coaches in the NFL and unlike Belichick Reid's assistant coaches have gone on to major success in the NFL. Beniemy would def. be on my short list just for that factor.

Also Punch I agree, it would not matter because there are two guys at the top who know nothing about football and need to keep their noses out of it. I wouldn't have a problem with Allen if he'd hire a GM and stick to the business side, but he is an enabler for Snyder and we all know there are going to be times where Snyder wants to stick his nose in the football ops and tell the HC how to do things. Whoever the next HC is has to have total control over the locker room, and the coaching staff, and needs to work in tandem with the GM to build the roster. I'm not sure Allen or Snyder would be willing to give that up.
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